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In this episode, the moms share their best pregnancy advice and laugh about the “bad” advice they were given while pregnant. Favorite pregnancy products are also discussed. What is one piece of advice you would give to an expecting mom? Is there anything you consider a pregnancy must have?




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MsHealthMom says:

Advice I wish I was given before having our son, who is 25 months now, is
how hard it is to transition to your new life as a mother. I didn’t suffer
from postpartum depression, but I did have the “baby blues.” I remember
crying all the time and wondering if the heavy sense of worrying about my
child was going to let up. I also remember thinking if our life – my
husband and I’s – would ever be the same. My mother-in-law put my mind at
ease when she told me (when my son was about 2 weeks old) that any thoughts
or feelings I had, even the negative, are normal. I told her everything and
she made me feel so much better. It’s amazing how hormones and sleep
deprivation can delude your sense of reality because of course I adjusted
to my new life and wondered how I ever went through life not having my
child by my side : ).

Lulu Barretta says:

I think people have the misconception that no one sleeps with their babies
and they just put them in a crib and they go to sleep. When moms decide
not to breastfeed, I feel like they don’t know they’re missing out on the
easiest way to get their baby to sleep.

ceara white says:

yay for the sonoline b! after my miscarriages that thing was my bff. i used
it up until i delivered my son & im using it with this pregnancy too. im
proud to say i found both of my baby’s hbs before a dr did :) best 60$ i
ever spent.

Stephenand Karli says:

People give the craziest advice…I think its wonderful you guys are trying
to pass on the good stuff! I used cocoa butter too and it was wonderful! I
also loved using a pregnancy pillow…I slept so much better after I
started sleeping with one! :)

Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

LOL you ladies are hilarious :) Great episode!

The Mom's Choice says:
The Mommy Archives says:

Yay for flushable wipes! Haha! I had someone tell me as I was getting a
pedicure at 40 weeks pregnant that she heard foot rubs were bad during
pregnancy because they could make you go into labor. Hello?!! I was 40
weeks pregnant, lol! Also, my midwife used to say all the time that she
wishes she could prescribe pedicures to pregnant women, and I got one at
least once a month throughout my pregnancy. People say the craziest things!
(For what’s it’s worth, I know some people take acupressure of the feet
very seriously, but that was NOT going to stop me from getting a pedi every
now and then!)

Danielle Elizabeth says:

Wow I have 4 kids and never got hemroids when pregnant. 

Lindsey Bader says:

Lol o Kelsey!!! I was laughing so hard with your stripper comment! 

Jen220307 says:

My favorite product during pregnancy was my snoogle pregnancy pillow! I
also had a sonoline b Doppler and loved that piece of mind in the early
weeks before I could feel them kick

Babygoodwin says:

Not a mommy yet but have been ttc ing for a few years, I just love you
guys. I think the topics you discuss are wonderful

Mia's Momma says:

I have a 9 month old and wish I would have just not read so many books and
just went with it. Once i stopped trying to get her to be like the books
everything went so much better. My mother joked ans said that the baby
didn’t read the books. It goes along with giving up the control and trying
to make things perfect.

Keras world says:

I told my sister the good the bad and the ugly about pregnancy labor and
delivery when she got pregnant with her first…luckily our pregnancies
were almost identical but unfortunately my birthing experience was amazing,
as in the sensation of pushing for me was wonderful and I told her how she
would love pushing because it was a relief from then pain, I pushed for 15
minutes …she was in labor in the hospital for a week and pushed for 3
hours and had to have her son vacuumed out of her… Needless to say she
didn’t love pushing like I did and I feel bad that she went into it
thinking that was the best part because of my “advice” 

Amanda Klein says:

Oh and my favorite pregnancy product is my pregnancy wedge by boppy that I
got at babies r us! It’s perfect for when your belly gets big and it’s
uncomfortable to lay on your side 

tinytoma25 says:

Love you girls!! :) by the way, did the coconut oil help with the stretch
marks?? I’m debating on whether I should buy mama mio products or should I
just stick with using coconut oil?? :/ please reply back! :) xoxo!! 

Crunchy Mom says:

Haha, hemmeroid video! Love it. So real 

victoriapottle says:

Just love your videos! It’s like you take the words out of my mouth. You’re
so right that everyone wants to share their birth horror story! And I agree
that having a baby isn’t an excuse to not shower and at least be
presentable. Like Jennifer I get up before my kids to get dressed and do my
hair and makeup. It’s quick but makes me feel so much better and able to
face the day!

Hillary Brewer says:

Ok ladies I have a suggestion for another video! I’m currently pregnant
with baby #2! My son is almost 6 so it’s been a while since I’ve had a
baby! What are some must have baby/newborn items that you couldn’t love
without? And what are some items you thought were a waste of money?

Danielle Elizabeth says:

Love this channel one of my new favorite vlogs to watch. 

Amanda Klein says:

Hemorrhoids are the worst!!!
I’m 40w4d and cannot wait for them to be gone! I have the same sonoline b
Doppler. I Love it.. In actually just used it yesterday! 

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