Seattle Henna On My Wife’s Pregnant Belly @ Mehndi Madness, 65th & Latona NE

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Past her due date by 2 days, Analia got a beautiful Henna mandala painted by Krysteen at Mehndi Madness in Seattle.
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leadfoot driver says:


LeftOfToday says:

Nice! Your wife is also gorgeous =] Congrats!!

surrendersweet says:

12th may is my birthday! :)

Saharahenna says:

@futuresuperstar4life its jagua

futuresuperstar4life says:

how do youspell that yoguaaa?? i wanna research it but i can’t spell it
right lol

Rollinindaroyce says:

Damn dude thats pretty sick. Up in seattle? I just moved back to Ventura CA
from Portland. My favorite place in the world. I wanna see seattle, heard
their very similar. Looks cool from this vid! haha

HeySaltyPepper says:

this is amazing

12valvepower1 says:

you are great

Syd Fredrickson says:

so exciting!! can’t wait to hear the next piece of news… and see videos
of new baby!

Rea Davies says:

wow your wife is beautiful! I wish my husband was as enthusiastic as you XD

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