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We attempt to paint my pregnant belly. After a couple of failed attempts on our first design, we decided to do something completely different! We had fun and that’s what counts, right? I hope so! =)

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Jannat Rehan says:

It looks awsome

Angela Duvall says:

I thought you done a great job Jared! :)

Mexicangaming69 says:

You are a good artist jared

Jenn Doucet says:

You did AMAZING! Great Job! Super Cute!

Maria Gatt says:

it looks awsome guys

Molly Craig says:

I swear if I saw u in any shape sort of fashion I would like cry!!! Lol in
a good way BTW

Lilly Jepsen says:

That picture was good

Jenny Dai says:

i love it

Keira Platt says:

Great job jerard 

Alyssa Eck says:

Love it!

Ryla Brianna says:

i love it

IrishJessie123 says:

Great job guys haha!

Timmy Tam says:

It’s amazing jared!!

fantab180 says:

good job

Jose Lorenzano says:

Good job 

Molly Craig says:

My friends sister who was expecting at the time had the shirt with the
skeleton on it for Halloween 

Cathryn Pavek says:

Good job Jared you did great

tesa butt says:

Your. Did really. Good 

Shiela Futch says:

I think you did an awesome job!!! I love Monster’s INC.

Mazeyx says:

You’re itchy because you used craft paint. Only use paint made for body
painting. When craft paint says no toxic, it means if its ingested it’s
not going to kill you. Seeing people paint on skin with that stuff makes
me cringe! hope your belly wasn’t too sore after! It’s a cute painting
none the less!!

Melissa Walsh says:

Jared I think you are a great man!! I have 3 sons none are married or
fathers but I would be blessed to have them be a husband and father like

Arriana Justice says:


Danielle Riley says:

I never comment on videos, but your videos have made me cry tears of joy.
My husband and I are on the TTC journey and it’s been rough. We suffered a
MC in September and today I will be finding out if I am pregnant. You are
such an incredible couple and your love sincerely shines through on your
videos. It is refreshing to see such happiness! Best of luck to you both! 

eboni young says:

Wow that was so cool. I love it so so much

Stephanie Main says:

I totally loved the mike one

rebecca mcfeaters says:

jared your not horrable that is amazing

Levi Webster says:

Love you guys

kat carlender says:


Lindsay Camaioni says:

We think it was awesome! :-)

paige perez says:

U guys should have down a bun in the oven

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