Pregnant Belly Painting – Tropical Island

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Elena Arango says:


Nette Campbell says:

i love how you can see bub wiggling around. 

Lili Lou says:

Trop swagy love jador

Paula Carvalho says:


Paula Carvalho says:


littlemamaAMY says:

That was sooo sweet..n pretty! ALMOST makes me want to have another baby so
I can paint my big belly…sweet lookin family..and good luck to ya with
another boy…noticed u had alot of em.

lillysfaces says:

You were on of my inspiration for my first belly painting, thank you!

joannadelilah says:

So pretty! I’ve painted a couple of bumps before, they are lovely to do and
so cute on a fidgety baby, I never thought to use a plate as a template
though, great tip! What a big family you have! Lovely vid xx

lisajoyyoung says:

@crissysback It’s the baby! He was moving like crazy the ENTIRE time :)

lisajoyyoung says:

@EmmaLaurelBeauty Thank you so much!

Alia Cowden says:

Ahhhhh that is beautiful

Jackie Krueger says:

aww thats so cute =]

artsncrafts101 says:

A work of art truely amazing

Pistachirrel Mb says:

Hah, the baby’s like “Stop poking me! I am trying to nap. :(

cinamon1000 says:

This is awesome!!!

Natalia Mi says:

waaaaauw super cool <3

Ashlee Shepherd says:

I wish my sis let me do this to her but she is very picky about people
touching her belly…

sweetsammyc says:

This is a feast for my preggy hormones! Totally crying when I saw the baby!

Kate V's Weight says:

Beautiful x

shrinkpachyderm says:

you could see the baby moving. lovely vid and great work

lisajoyyoung says:

@TriSaraRocks I know! I couldn’t believe it. He moved so much that it be
actually made it challenging to paint at times!

Maddy La Snow says:

this is just too amazing. :) you are really really talented artist! the
flowers finished it so beautifully! they were the “cherry on the top” haha

smartlozer says:

thats adorable dont listen to Bob Plumberable you can even see the baby
kick :°

Kurai says:

Awwwwwww such a beautiful baby!

Sharnell Bailey says:

Im starting to do belly paintings i really love this one..

crissysback says:

Is that the baby moving or is it the mother moving? It is hard to tell when
it is in fast forward. That is an AWESOME job!

smartiiepants says:

2 people r stuppid

lisajoyyoung says:

@1979fabulous Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

jacky luciano says:

Dammn the baby was kicking hard “! But beautiful art i love it

TriSaraRocks says:

That’s such an active baby! He moved SO much!

Lizz Horton says:

awww! Love the baby belly!!! :)

paco diaz says:

me encanta es hermoso

ilov3hellokitty24 says:

That was beautiful……. Simply beautiful =) I am a fan.

hestrada420 says:

That is awsome. I am getting a better idea for my wife thanx

Lyric Mena says:

The baby cannot die from this, these paints are Eco-friendly, non-toxic and
hypoallergenic. I am also a face painter and the babies safety always comes

shannon killian says:

Beautiful :-) I was wondering what kind of brush you use for the pink
flowers and what types of paint are you using

Bob Plumberable says:

omg how fucking gay

Luisa Genao says:

Que tierno el baby se le movía al parecer cuando le pintaban el vientre

Dora Carder says:

That was totally sweet and loving!

MrNieKkie says:

wow beutiful!! witch is the music? i like the misuc from this video!

sahara dash says:

I heard of babies dying over that.

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