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Painting my pregnant wife’s belly in public isn’t something I ever thought I would say I have done!

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Samika Vlogs says:

I just want to come out and take credit for this specific target balling
idea, since I was the first and only person to suggest it. 😉 hahah

BornWithCurls says:

Cant believe your cats are on the table……..UNSANITARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Randy and Anna says:

Wow guys! Soooo close to baby time! And I’m gonna go check out that
Japanese candy from World Market… looked DANK AS JUNK! Thanks so much for
the shoutout, you guys rock! We love you guys, if you need anything, we’re
here for ya!

Heidi7828 says:

What a storm to start the vlog out with! Lol Katie you are one patient and
understanding lady to let Cullen paint your belly in public lol! :) So
sweet Targetballing and someone’s asking about Katie being on bed rest! One
big happy family! :) Aww cute transition! Love it! Yay Grandberry!! Lol is
that what you do, catch flies?!

encircleme8 says:

Do you guys film the day before or two days before? Hope you’re having a
great day!

Whitney Lauren says:

Anderson University is amazing!!! But Ball State all the way!!! Graduating
in December and I am so proud of myself for pushing through even with
medical issues. I want to thank God that I have been seizure free for
almost 3 years! I am also praying for you guys and the baby!!

beingmommywithstyle says:

Whew, the thunder was crazy!! I am new and obviously don’t know the story
about the Target thing, but I was cracking up because I’m at Target like…
daily. ;)P

ElizabethAnn625 says:

That was fun seeing your baby belly. I haven’t seen one in 44 yrs. ;D I
wish I had a picture of both of mine to look back on. I’m glad to hear
your bp is better. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait too much longer for
Macey and won’t have to worry about it anymore. :) Cullen, from what I’ve
seen of your mom you really take after her. :)

McKenna Adair says:

Have they gone through mail since when he went with Madeline 

Jennifer Ricketts says:

I sure do miss the thunder and lightning storms from the east coast. We
hardly ever have it here in Seattle. 

Danielle Parks says:

You could do a cake pop because when they are in the process of being
covered in candy and chocolates they sit with the stick in the air

The Roberts Reality says:

That lightning was pretty cool stuff! I like how determined you were to get
a good one on the vlog lol 

Living a Great Story says:

A couple of months ago, my husband, a friend and I were on the top of the
WWI Memorial tower in Kansas City, which is 268 feet tall. A storm was
rolling in, but still seemed safely off in the distance. My husband turned
to me with wide eyes and said, “Your hair is standing on end!” I freaked.
The hair on our arms started to stand up, and I bolted out of there, haha.
Josh hit the deck, but our friend thought it was cool. A minute later,
they sent word up the elevator and staircase that everyone needed to come
down ASAP. Afterwards, I was like, holy cow, we almost just got struck by
lightening. In hindsight it is funny, but at the time I was terrified,

kelly_pickle says:

I love Randy!! Can’t believe he’s in the vlog!! :D

Sabbie Wabbie says:

I get so nervous when I see Katie out and about, granted we only see a
short bit of their days. My aunt was put on bed rest at 32 weeks for high
blood pressure, she was out driving and her blood pressure skyrocketed all
of a sudden, by the time they had reached the hospital, the baby had lost
too much oxygen and was stillborn. They had been trying 6 years for their
baby, and she was a ivf baby. Please be super duper careful with that
precious cargo, but i’m sure you are being. 

soulshinesweet says:

Did they ever say what the “secret” other Targetball pic was that they
didn’t film (same night as Katie’s red baby belly target ball?)

Sarah Dunwald says:

Thunder and lighting are amazing!

CarmAndLuma says:

I have watched for a long time your journey to baby videos, but I’m kinda
new to the vlogs. What the heck is the Target ball pic for? I’m lost! Lol

Chris Klieves says:

That cute transition!!!

Mary Loves Makeup77 says:

Gaines may have flipped to get away from the fumes 😉 have y’all done the
belly cast yet? I’m trying to think back in the vlogs but I’m drawing a
blank…my friend did two and had one painted and one mounted in a shadow
box with the babies feet and hand molds. It is such a beautiful keepsake
and looks great in the nursery! GRANDBERRY!

loveinstere0 says:

Cullen, the candy that you love and the candy that you had in your basket
are the same thing! The only difference is the candy you had in the basket
is written in English instead of katakana (Japanese writing). Don’t you
worry, they are the same candy! :) Also, the Strawberry package you saw
hanging on the hook is a gummy, which is an entirely different candy from

Rebs Clims says:

Randa!!! lol! Love them!! 

Ally Gator says:

My birthday is 9/11/97

Hannah Williamson says:

Hichews are amazing, also that japanese on the front literally says haicheu
(pronounced hi chew) the apple ones are the best, i got some when i was in
japan and i have been addicted to them ever since. 😀 

Paige Johnson says:

It’s weird that you bring up your phobia of 9/11 because my family is in
the process of adopting a baby girl and she was placed in our home a few
days ago on 9/11. I was a little nervous about it when I realized that was
the date, ill admit! Haha

Amber Stapleton says:

Love how in love you guys Are with your dogs I really did think me and my
mom were the only ones that crazy about our dogs are dogs are only inside
dogs and are exreamly spoiled like your animals 

Monica Solis says:

What was the secret target ball that you did before the paint one? Maybe I
didn’t catch it when you said you’d tell us later? :)

Mai Ly says:

Wow that thunderstorm was crazy I don’t really like them sorry if your a
fan of them love you guys you got to try air heads bits tis really good 

April Annette says:

I love the storm and rain. Can you pass some to California? Like San
diego..its so dry here!

Amber Gleaves says:

They sell hi-chews at almost all grocery stores in our area. Safeway,
target, albertsons… Some in the Asian food aisles and some by the
checkstand. Costco also sells huge bags of them 

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