Pregnant Belly Decorating! Happy Easter

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Hope you enjoy this silly little video :o) Happy Easter!! Everett wanted to dress up as an Easter egg 😛 If you want to see the video from when we painted my belly like a pumpkin, when Tripp was a fetus, check it out here:


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Emily Sassman says:

Just noticed the belly ring! Love it!

StaringAliAddiction says:

what r ur children’s names?

xoxThePagesxox says:


LoraAndLayton says:

@AnimeGurl14789 We can’t wait either!! Thank you :o)

LoraAndLayton says:

Thank you so much!!

macka1026 says:

Wow! U look so tan. I would kill for my skin to look like that!

tamalaursa says:

That’s sooo cute! I love your family! <3

LoraAndLayton says:

@LoveAllison22 Fun! Just any non toxic markers :o) We looked for pastel
paint but couldn’t find any.

Kenzie Gordon says:


LoraAndLayton says:

@MsDiaperD Thanks!!

melissa Lovell says:

love it

LoraAndLayton says:

Thank you!!

BriteneeB says:

what kinda markers did you use?

Tyler Bivens says:

Your belly is big.

LoraAndLayton says:

Aww, thanks!

Heidis Time says:

So cute!!!!!!!

SharonVinyard says:

You have a really beautiful face. :) I love that idea, painting a pregnant
woman’s belly. Cute thing to watch. :)

Angela Margolin says:


Angela Henning says:

Hehe cuuuuute! :)

LoraAndLayton says:

Thank you! He’s 2 years older than me.

LoraAndLayton says:

@JustinVerlanderFan35 It’s an April fools joke ;o)

ebbenyjuancarlos says:

The sweetest thing ever. I’ve been watching you all since Trip! :) I love
how your husband is so lovable with his family y’all are a beautiful
family. God bless you with your new little one on the way!

Janina Chrebela says:


LoraAndLayton says:

@LadybugGirlShow Aww, thank you!!

juanquix500 says:

Muy bueno!

India Carlisle says:

omg Happy Easter and to your kids and hope your baby is doing good

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