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Skin City Body Painting presents a step-by-step look at transforming Michaela’s beautiful baby bump into a Lotus Pond! Belly Painting: Robin B. Slonina, Music: “Skin” by Darden Smith


xtiana88 says:

i loved that! especially the dance at the end! lol! very pretty too!

MsGiggles71 says:

i could see the baby a few times?!

Charlotte Bartee says:

how about using henna? i think it would be beautiful to have a henna tattoo
on your baby bump to last! and that baby was moving like crazy! how

javierlocutor says:

@bizcoach7 Baby is safer than a dictator on a bunker, paint wont ever
trespass skin, but even supposing that it does, it has to go through many
dermis layers, fat, membranes, blood and baby´s sack, so we dont have to
worry because that will never happen EVER, that kid is well protected and
hopefully will become an artist in future. BTW, as the lady said before,
there are no harmful fumes either, however, your concern defines you as a
good hearted person… Cheers!

Skin City Body Painting says:

@charlottebartee I had a friend use safe plant-based henna on MY belly when
I was pregnant! I loved it and it lasted a week. As I am sure you know,
(and like @12valvepower1 mentions below) beware black henna everyone! It is
sometimes made from hair dye which should be avoided when pregnant!

Scketchi says:

Hmm, I’ve never seen this before. It’s kinda cool, kinda weird, but I think
I like it :)

JamiesFaces says:

Great color blending, precise line work, details show energy. Thanks!!

YoshixRIOT says:

<3 nice

HarmonyRoth says:

do you really nead the glove? when I paint I never use gloves, ad I
wondered why you use gloves/

sed03f says:

beautiful, u can see the baby move and the belly changing shape over time,
fabulous! Im a face painter and Im pregnant right now, I love it!!!

glamyourhair says:

Cute, that baby was busy lol

Skin City Body Painting says:

@HarmonyRoth I only uses gloves because it helps keep my fingers clean to
prevent smearing the paint I’ve already done. (I tend to rest my pinky
finger on the model to steady my hand.) Gloves are not necessary, just a
personal preference. :)

Shakia J says:

That’s one fiesty baby. (:

Khalid Elmekki says:

Um, this may sound very weird especially since I’m a guy who just watched
this video. But, I think that this is very beautiful! The flowers painted
on the belly shows the beauty of embracing motherhood. Please don’t think
I’m weird, I happen to stumble upon this video. Probably one of the best
paint videos I’ve ever seen! Really! Nice job.

Ash Cook says:

i like how it’s time laps and you can see your belly roll around as your
baby moves! and as you attemp to breath THAT was next to impossible when my
daughter and i neared the end of her term

justintimberlake123 says:

Beautiful, shows that pregnancy isn’t just a time of pure dreadfullness.
Shows fun and excitment :]

Tinker-Lynne Clarke says:

that looks really cute! i wanna do something like that

Johanna Infante says:

Amazing job! Congrats to both the mom and you!

12valvepower1 says:

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay just use natural henna. black henna is bad juju.
really horrid for your skin

Natasha Kudashkina says:

Very nice!!

UKxGyal says:

thats gorgeous :) xo

jamk37 says:

Nice painting, lovely preggi bally.

kayladd32 says:

This is sooooooooooooo cool….

Skin City Body Painting says:

Hi marksgirls! This only lasts until you wash it off with soap and water,
but it won’t smudge or smear until then. You could wear it all day with no
special care, and even gently take a shirt on and off over it. It is
water-based, non-toxic paint made especially for skin, safe for baby and
mama! :)

12valvepower1 says:


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