Incredible baby bump casts reveal pregnant bellies made painted like porcelain, k

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Pregnant women are often told they are at their most beautiful when they are expecting. And, of course, their bump is protecting very precious cargo.
And now they can preserve the image of their bump for posterity as a pair of British bodycasters launch a company offering sculptures of baby bumps for women to keep forever.
Sculptor couple CJ Munn and Andre Masters, both 40 from Maidstone in Kent, use special effects make-up to help make the bumps, and their intricate designs range from blue and white florals painted like china, to stone sculptures studded with mirrors or a more traditional bronze.
The couple worked in television and film before they started creating the baby-bump casts as a hobby for friends.


Shana Peete says:

Great vid!

TeenMommy2be says:

Excellent video on how to make cast

mimmylemoo says:

Why is there an article about Masters & Munn underneath a video made by
someone else? The above technique is NOT how M&M make their casts.

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