How to Paint Your Pregnant Belly

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Turn your blank baby bump into a work of art while celebrating your impending bundle of joy with creativity.

Do not use acrylic, latex, or any other paints not approved for use on the skin.

Step 1: Select your design
Decide on a picture or theme that will conform to a curved canvas, or use free form.

Step 2: Get a face painting kit
Get a face-painting kit that includes the colors for your design.

Even though face paint is gentle and shouldn’t stain, test a small patch of skin for allergies.

Step 3: Wash and prep the area
Wash your belly to remove excess oil or dirt. Wear washable clothing that you don’t mind staining, and use a drop cloth.

Step 4: Find a comfortable position
Find a comfortable position you can remain in, including seated or reclining, until the paint has dried.

Step 5: Paint your design
Paint your design using a soft brush and sponge. You may need some help from a friend to reach all areas of your bump.

Use an eyeliner pencil to outline your design and for any detail work.

Step 6: Remove the paint
Remove the paint using cold cream or simple soap and water. A faint shadow may remain for several days.

Did You Know?
More than 25 percent of the 4.3 million babies born each year are to women having their third or fourth child.


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A quote form carpii ‘So, lets recap… 1) Risks of painting your pregnant
belly - woman unwisely uses lead-based or toxic paint in close proximity
to foetus. Toxins leech via skin into baby (but its ok because mommy has a
funny face on her belly). 2) Benefit of painting belly – No discernable
benefit whatsoever.’

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