EXTRA: Oct. 11th 2014 Pregnant Belly Painting (30 weeks 5 days) 授かりアート ベリーペイント

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授かりアート ベリーペイント (Sazukari Art Belly Painting):


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ochikeron says:

i bought the photo frame at Daiso (100yen shop) ♪

Mary's Test Kitchen says:

I had no idea this was a thing. But it’s so beautiful and special! <3 Best
of luck to you and your family for this wonderful time. 

ghaida h says:

Very small belly. Not enough space for painting. On mine they can draw the
Sistine Chappell painting . And I’m Not even pregnant!

Khadijah Zul says:

Wow, compared to other ladies (like my mum) their belllies are huge when
they are pregnant and your belly is not that big! I hope i will be like you
when i have a child :)

山田 苔鈴 says:


Anime Manqa Freak says:

You looked very beautiful in this video, especially with your hair curled!
You should wear it like that more often in your videos. :D

Kitsanapon Pitaratae says:

You don’t have new cooking videos?

closetwarrior says:

Woooow you still somehow managed to look sooo fabulous with a big belly and
curlers in your hair, this is awesome I’m not pregnant I just have a big
belly and want someone to paint it LOL

Seiksae Phaddy Onka says:

おめでと! How much did your baby weigh? (I hope it’s not rude to ask). My son
was 10lbs 6oz and 22inches (4.8kg and 55.8cm), but we are both from tall

musicwithkelsey says:

I am so happy for you and your husband <3 I’m also so jealous of your
pregnancy body. Best wishes to the little cutie 

Chris Greenfield says:

Art can be in many forms^_^ even the tummy=3

Alyssa Hill says:

That is so beautiful. Such a special time being pregnant :)

ochikeron says:

this video is extra. i want to share this precious moment with my baby and
my darling :) time flies

Shenna Noona says:

Thank you for sharing this with us :)

Xeng Yang says:

Your belly is not that big and u are wired u will do that to your belly girl

Sam Torres says:

+ochikeron we are so happy that your baby has born….. But im here to see
your cooking vídeos ….. Not belly ones….. So im so sorry to say i will
leave this channel. 

MichuNako9 says:

You look so cute in the pictures! And your belly too haha!

Lupus Dei says:

Oh geez, this is so cute and you look so beautiful c: 

haylz27 says:

I would love to see you do more vlogs! :)

FayRyzval says:

That is wayy too cute :3

Brinco The Rabbit says:

You should vlog weekly! Even if they last 3:00 minutes.

Yuuichi Yuki-chan says:

You looks so beautiful c: 

Sora4Eva101 says:

The painting is so cute! And so beautiful ♡ The transfer from the belly to
the cloth was very neat as well :)

Allison Rages says:

You said that it’s more obvious if you turned to the side that you’re
pregnant, your whole stomach was out and you didn’t look pregnant! I love
your hair by the way!

CedesXoXo1996 says:

The coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I wouldn’t have laughed the whole time
because I’m so ticklish haha

Molly Person says:

What a beautiful family. Your baby is going to be very happy with you as
their mother. Thank you for sharing that moment. Best of luck! 

cinthya contreras says:

I’m so happy! Your baby is coming soon ^^
The belly paint it’s adorable
Greetings, have a nice day <3

Vanessa E says:

you’re 30 weeks ?!?! OMG i hope i look like you when i get pregnant you
look so small !

Yazmin Lee says:

Anyone else notice the Subaru? Just me? Okay.. 

Rayna Kinney says:

Wow!! How special. I wish I had done more when I was pregnant, but my kids
are 6 and 10 now. You look so beautiful. ♡

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