Easter Belly Painting { 33 weeks pregnant }

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Happy easter! My husband does one too ! Coming soon!
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This is the result of IVF cycle # 3! After a miscarriage and abandoned IVF cycle we are finally pregnant again. We need lots of sticky glue for this sweet baby!
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We have just gone through our 3rd round of IVF! Round one resulted in 2 embryos . My son Roman was born 2011 and the other embryo I miscarried in April 2013. Our second round of IVF was abandoned due to over stimulation . IVF cycle # 3 successful!!

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MrsKirstySB says:

Are you going to be doing any more Make Room for Mila vlogs?

MyBumpAlong says:

So cute! And you did it by yourself and that is talented!

misaki covington says:

Super cute

Cathy Stone says:

Omg that’s just so cute!! Great job!

Someday Mama says:

Cute! How fun.

Proud Mama says:

Never noticed you were a lefty! Loved this video.. We would love to see an
update on Mila’s room :)

Melissa M says:

Very impressive! Looks adorable :)

randv213 says:

Wow your pretty good at painting your own belly :)

Becky Pries says:

Roman @ 00:59.. Cute.!

courtney hardy says:

Are you left handed?

Liz Mildenhall says:

That looks great! Been meaning to message you for ages. Randomly the pack
of hair bands i bought recently are by a company called Mila Rose! How
crazy is that?!! I’m in the UK. I think it’s a beautiful name :)

jazpup says:

so cute, and are you a leftie?!?!

Meg SmartieAndSteveo says:

So sweet! Xxoo 

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