Dancing Pumpkin Belly

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Noah's mommy says:

I want to make a pumpkin on my pregnant belly for Halloween too lol that’s
too cute!

Deedee Daydream says:

That’s not a pumpkin, it’s a PLUMPKIN! WTG little girl (well you were a
little bundle last time I saw you and fed you a bottle anyway!)

12valvepower1 says:

pregnancy is amazing dear

luvimiii says:


Godisgreat2008 says:

hahaahha sweeet i’m so going to do this!!

NalanyaSilmaryl says:

shake it giiirlll!!!!!

Nancy Bisset says:

Thanks for a vid I can share with my One son + his gal. Just told me on
Face book in front of the FB community–> ‘The + little thing you do your
preg.test for MOM to witness. ONLY thing; Nickname–Do not think age. Hell
yea shocked. Thanks for this cute pic of your Belly that is something this
little cute-y pie gal would do. See this was posted Oct 23, 2007 two things
happened on the Month + then the year like signs this came right on time.
:-))) Thanks for helping a Mom in shock, out. :-)))

laceymeaghan says:

haha, so funny.

Ashley Torres says:

aww makes me miss being pregnant :(

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