Bump/Belly Painting at 29 weeks pregnant!

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Hi everyone, please could you all read this description for more info and also thumbs up comment and subscribe if you havent already!
The bump in this video belongs to my sister in law Steph, she was 29 weeks pregnant on thursday the day she had her beautiful bump painted! It was painted by a lady called Tanya who lives locally to us who has been face painting for the last 10 years and is now venturing into bump/belly painting!
Couldnt miss the opportunity to record this i think its beautiful =)
The music i used in this video is called ‘she dreams in blue’ by Josh Woodward and is available to download at http://joshwoodward.com/ (royalty free)


umbumgo says:

me to!!


@12powervalve4 whats acotland got to do with anything lol? :s

Simpsonwannabe says:

fantastic love it

leadfoot driver says:

i wanna visit scotland some day. THUMBS UP FOR KILTS

divera1227 says:

That is so georgous!!!

umbumgo says:

thanks angie =) hope u r all ok xxx

umbumgo says:

i know i would be to!!

amishhorse says:

Love it!

millyb83 says:


leadfoot driver says:

ive never seen someone paint that fast. hahahah

umbumgo says:

it took about an hour huni xx wish id have had it done aswell!!

umbumgo says:

so do i!!

umbumgo says:

shes really talented and lovely x

AussieMummySince07 says:

That looked so pretty :) I had arranged to have a photo shoot and belly
painter with Kayla but the photographer had an issue with the painter so i
never got to do it :( How long did it take?

CrazyCoolShorty says:

OMG that looked sooooooooooooo pretty .. I would hate to have to wash it
off .. its just gorgeous xoxo so sweet ..

MakinAFamily says:

Awesome wish I had, had this done!! it’s beautiful x

MrsJaggy says:

Wow that is amazing :-) x


@12valvepower4 Whats scotland got to do with anything? Lol

mmm86gy says:

945 views of my baby bump!!!! Madness! Tanya did a fantastic painting
though :-) Steph xx

Amie Martin says:

wow looks amazing! big fan here youre videos are so lovley x

leadfoot driver says:

You are doing good job recording..how is evreyone in chilly old england. I
am hot as hades where i live. good ness it is hot. also I am a lousy typist

Kimberly Bade says:


Simpsonwannabe says:

My mother was on my account… Wow.

umbumgo says:

its raining here (shock!) i dont live hear scottland though haha!!

caredous1983 says:

Wow absolutely stunning! What an amazing artist. x

fionasworld82 says:

Amazing wish when I’d had my two id of had that done :)

Simpsonwannabe says:

oops forgot to put its angie, clever lady x

ScandinavianMom says:

WOW! That looked amazing!

umbumgo says:

lol 12powervalve4 has been watchin my vids for a lonnng time and is very
random its funny tho lol!!

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