Barefootbutterfly Pregnancy Belly ~ Tummy Painting Butterflies & Flowers

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Pregnancy Belly / Tummy Painting done by Carolyn of Barefootbutterfly Studio, located in the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.
These Butterflies & Flowers are hand painted to create a one of a kind artwork on a pregnant tummy… The tummy painting is done with a non toxic theatrical grade body paint which we sell on our website ~
A photo shoot is then done and access to all of the photos is given to mom so she can do what ever she likes with them! We do a bit of photoshop work to them to soften the edges, ect. They look great enlarged to hang on the wall in the babys room or they are really nice to have in your baby’s memory book as well. I am also trying to video all of my work & mom is welcome to a copy of that as well.


Toussaint Taillefer says:

i like the music what is it? AND I ABSOULUTLY LOVE THE PAINTING

yanghaiying says:

Beautiful! Blessing for the beauty inside and out!

barefootbutterfly says:

I put my heart & soul into my artwork, I also know what is going on inside
the mother’s tummy and this is our way of celebrating that… the mother
loved this painting & video. Why would you post such a disheartening
comment? Didn’t your mother teach you ~if you have nothing nice to say then
don’t say anything at all? Take your rude comments elsewhere… while
you’re at it, why don’t you post your real name here? Oh wait, no, you
choose to leave negative comments anonymously :(

barefootbutterfly says:

That one took me around an hour & half or so :) check out my website to see
more recent ones i have done :) barefootbutterfly(dot)com

barefootbutterfly says:

yep! she had a baby girl a week later 😀

barefootbutterfly says:

@kadish08 Thanks! I use Wolfe FX & Diamond FX body paints.

brittaleighc says:

i painted my belly as a pumpkin but nothin liek this very pretty

boyunderherfeet says:

Pregnant women must be very careful not to add any chemicals to their skin,
especially on their bellies!

kadish08 says:

what kind of paint are you using? lovely job! Omg

barefootbutterfly says:

@boyunderherfeet -the paints I use are all non toxic and completely safe.
They are made for skin and are tested extensively. I take my clients &
their unborn babies health VERY seriously.

Lua Azul says:

Uau! Very beautiful! :)

anjelbear317 says:

Very pretty. I know the Video says 7 mins but time laps is awesome. how
long did this take you ?

lillysfaces says:

Beautiful, I get to paint my first belly tomorrow.


looks like a big pretty globe =) that’s a compliment

shannon killian says:

I’m 17 and me and my husband are getting pregnant soon :-) I can’t wait to
paint my belly and do a cast I’ll be doing prenatal yoga and birthing
classes ,,definately NO epidural oh and I’m going to be an obgyn I should
mention :-) I just love pregnant women. ..Beautiful video

rlwilliams2008 says:

So beautiful!! I wish they had something like that here!

Mini Mere says:

Omg soooo beautiful!! i can’t wait to get my belly painted when i get

Noemi Torres A says:

What is happening inside any mother’s tummy is a thousand times more pretty
than any painting.

barefootbutterfly says:

Thank you so much for the compliments ! :)

plantcitycouponing says:


BlackKaida says:

I live in Eastern Canada! I am so having this done when I have a baby.
Canadian artists FTW

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