Proud Body Deluxe Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit Review

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ProudBody says:

Thanks for the review! If you live in a humid area and need to have your
cast dry quicker, you can place it in front of electric fan and it will dry

Joanna Benoit says:

Great Video! How did you get them to send you a free gift? I work with many
pregnant women as a massage therapist, and I think it would be great to
have a house party featuring this product.

edhill1988 says:

@believeunisexdayspa Thank you! The company contacted me, but I’m sure you
can just send them an email!

edhill1988 says:

@mirandabrazil2000 No problem!

edhill1988 says:

@BostonGirl5560 The kit comes w/ skin protectant, and you apply the cast to
bear skin :-) It didn’t irritate me at all!

edhill1988 says:

@ProudBody Thank you!! Everything still turned out perfect and on time :-)

BostonGirl5560 says:

Was it applied to straight skin, or did you have something on?

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