Pregnancy Belly Cast!

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28 weeks pregnant in this vlog. For me to look back and remember.
January 25, 2014

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ShandtinaSays says:

ok i never said how i came to your channel but Judy was talking about how
cute liam was so i clicked over and never left. i’m mad though because i
started after he was born (saw the delivery video though) and i really
missed out. you guys were so cute post birth so now i have to binge

Katie Rickard says:

April is looking absolutely beautiful at this stage of her pregnancy she
looks beautiful all the time but in this vlog she just looks glowing :)

saleez theron says:

April is the sweetest person in life

CuteNailPolishArt | Sharmeen says:

april is so cute xx

kayleighjo8 says:

Watching your videos have become the highlight of my day. You guys are so
full of life and so happy and it makes me happy. <3 :)

ScarletF0x18 says:

Omg April you look so beautiful <3 

ApricotArtLover says:

I’m looking forward to the advice from justin episode :) your cats are so
adorable playing and fighting together, they get along so well.

Ashley Rupe says:

+AprilJustinTV Did you guys end up decorating the belly cast and did you
record it? I would love to see what you guys came up with if you did. My
baby is due in December, so I was wanting to do a wintery, Christmas-like
theme for my cast, like a little snow globe on the belly or something. I’m
just curious what someone else may have come up with!

Annie Gibson says:

WOOHOO! Lorde! Represent New Zealand! hehehehe <3 Can’t believe she got two
grammys! Such a talent for 17 years old. 

amirah Gulnawaz says:

Yeh my hair never stays straight when I curl I hate it 

Cheri Dan says:

This remind me of Judy & Benji <3 needa go back 

seulkang says:


Kristen Cole says:

The belly cast came out perfectly! 

Pri Paul says:

i love ur kitties thy r so impromptu story the one n only time i
ever did somthing like that was whn me n my husband used to date n he came
to visit me from ohio n we decided to go on long drive n ended up at this
random but beautiful place and thts where he proposed to me so he sealed
tht memory forever :)

Briana Gordon says:

I do go on rides with my Hudson because with the baby on the way we need
time to get out of the house. And u guys are so sweet and I love u guys

Christina Kim says:

Maybe we can ship water to you all….. we are one country… let’s share
our water… sorry WWW is in drought season… we had so much snow and rain
over here on the east coast.. Thanks for sharing your videos! Ya’ll are a
blessed family~

Alex Threatt says:

Once my older brother asked my mom while we were driving, if we wanted to
go to Ohio, (we live in georgia). We took the coolest trip, and it was just
out of the blue.

Sheila Woodcock says:

Stop it you nasty o my goodness I died laughing

Nicola Simson says:

First video, 30seconds in and subscribed, you guys are adorable!!

Elaine J says:

AHAHA you guys are awesome xD

Kristeen Scott says:

you guys are so happy…in every video. I wanna be that happy…

Laura Hunter says:

There such a cute married couple

The Champs says:


rabia aza says:

You both are so blessed <3

Cheryle Vazquez says:

Hi April and Justin, I was just wondering what keurig you guys have I am
buying one this weekend. And wanted to know which one was the best. Thank
you! Oh and me and my friend when we was younger would travel to the beach
and the mall that was like 30 minutes away from us. we always had a blast. 

Sanam Asam says:

so funny and cute justin whn he was eating and just talk by action he get
fat if eat more both u guys cute

Katrina Pickering says:

This video was the best one so far this year. You guys had me laughing at
the most random things. I love the vlogs. Keep up the good work.<3

Ellyssa Sherman says:

You look so beautiful, pregnancy is taking greatly to you. I hope you have
a blessed experience with your almost newborn!

dearlygabriela says:

This is the first vlog I have seen of them & I am in love. They are the
cutest couple ever! Really glad I found their channel :3

hunnibunninooner says:

I just want to say that my highlight is this video HAHA you guys are so
Heart you 2! Have a wonderful day :)

Taylor Perry says:

My sisters and I went on a walk a while back, and we found this hill. Well
we explored and the hill became out favorite place to go. The sad part is
people came and took away the hill so they could build houses. But some of
my favorite memories were made at that hill. 

Dazsha K James says:

The cake looks sooooooooo yummy!!! Can’t wait for the recipe!!

MaricellaIbarra says:

I miss the advice from Justin!

NaturallBeautyxo says:

One of my old boyfriends and i went to boarding school together, one night
we snuck out of our dorm rooms at like 2 in the morning and snuck down to
the soccer field and just hung out and looked at the stars! it was such a
nice experience seeing the stars on a clear night!

stephanie hudgins says:

They say that with global warming and all that cali is going to be in
trouble because it relies on the water from the mountains so no snow no
water. Good thing im in Minnesota lol

Jennifer Cooke says:

Love you guys, so happy, so positive! Your videos makes me smile and laugh,
def when I’m having a bad day.. You guys always cheer me up!! :) 

Nancy Park says:

I love u guys! I started watching your channel(s) when I found out I was
preggo but unfortunately I had a miscarriage but even still I enjoy your
vlogs. You guys are so down to earth and fun to watch! Keep up the good
work!! :)

MsDivaSecret says:

April you are so glowing in this video :)

Lisa Lee says:

Me and my siblings we go out for drives all the time but we go so much that
theres really no where else to go. Well at least in Anchorage haha, we have
to drive out of Anchorage to go see new places. 

Croxanika says:

I dunno if you read past video comments but I still wanted to share my
impromptu story haha It happened this year. I was spending my New Years on
a mountain holiday and on the second we were already bored with the
mountain so we said “I’d love to go to the seaside” and then everyone went
“me too” and before we knew it we decided that the next day we’d leave for
the seaside haha And we did :D

Llama says:

I went to a Korean sauna out of the blue

dolphinlady1980 says:

if u are a crazy cat lady then I am crazy dog lady. I try to make sure my
dog has the same food we are eating in dog food if we can if not I just
might give her some people food too.

chris r says:

Haha her nipples are huge

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