My surprise baby shower & Belly casting! (36 weeks pregnant baby no 5!)

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just thought id share these clips of my first baby shower which was a lovely surprise very lucky to have brill fam n friends =) also includes having a belly casting done-excuse the conversations going on!!

Music is by josh woodward and is called ‘bonjour mon amie’ (instrumental) and is roalty free and can be found at;


Chloe Elyse says:

Aww I love this! So sweet that they surprised you! My best friend recently
had a surprise baby shower. I think the surprise makes it that much more

umbumgo says:

@clairelou09011988 no probs, hope u r okhuni xx

juicyjuicy667 says:

Awwwe that was so nice of them!!!!! I love the belly cast idea. I wanna
have one done but I am only 30 weeks lol My baby shower is this saturday
and it’s going to be at a park so hopefully that turns out well. It would
of been awesome if someone surprised me with one though haha.

The Witt Family says:

lovely video! thanks for sharing leanne :0)

umbumgo says:

@Pinketter they were so so yummy! and thanks hun xxx yes defo do one its
agreat idea xx

AliJaeJR says:

Awww so sweet. I’m going to do a belly cast as well its just another neat
way to capture the journey. It looks like he’s dropped.

umbumgo says:

hahahaha!!love it! xx

Shannindhall says:

Very sweet

umbumgo says:

@juicyjuicy667 i hope u have a lovely day hun n enjoy xx

It's a Vlogs Life says:

Awwww how lovely are your friends – love the belly cast.

umbumgo says:

@justme8725 theyre fab =) xx

Kimberly Bade says:

OMGosh!! My eyes teared up when I saw the look of surprise on your sweet
face!! that was the sweetest thing they did for you!! still have to send
you my present,,, message me and let me know where to send it!!! Loved the
video!! can’T wait to see what you got for the baby!!!! xoxoxo

umbumgo says:

@Shannindhall =) xx

umbumgo says:

@vixxxx158 thank u! xx

umbumgo says:

@Kimmykade78 aw thank u =) i willl msg u, i tried ti before but youtube
said it would only allow friends to send msg s to you xx

Ivana Mendez says:

That’s so wonderful! It’s funny, I can barely understand what you guys are
saying, me being American and all. Hehe

mommiesblessing5 says:

So sweet for them to surprise you with a baby shower!!

mamaatheart says:

I love belly casts! I bought one to do with my son, but then had to be
induced early due to pre eclampsia, so I didnt get to. I hope I get to this
time around! :) Gorgeous baby bump! :)

vixxxx158 says:

Ah what a lovely video! I definitely want to do a belly cast when I get
bigger. Looks like you had a great baby shower xx

HOTLINEZ Blearby says:

(puts paper towel on bra) I don’t wanna touch dat

bob builder says:

all that food has made me hungry lol and looking at ur belly makes me miss
mine :( i had my baby boy to weeks ago! Lovely vid tho xx

Bernice Ecin says:

Your voice and some are your friends remind me of the spice girls :)

rebekah brown says:

you look pretty while pregnant, i never felt pretty lol i also think the
casting is a brillant idea :) xx

MakinAFamily says:

Aww how awesome, you look fantastic and those cupcakes OMGOSH! I want one
lol I definately want to do a belly cast next time it looks great…messy
and fun lol! xx

NeonPinkRubberDuck says:

looks like you had so much fun, I love the belly casting, Wish I done that
with my daughter, Always next time 😀 Not long now yay xxx

umbumgo says:

@mamaatheart its great fun! thank u xx

ChantillyGurl says:

that was so nice of them to have a surprise baby shower and to do a belly
cast for you :)

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