{ My Pregnant Belly Cast at 35 Weeks }

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I Used the Proud Body Basic Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit

You can purchase this kit from Babies R US or Target

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Serinas Lenses says:

So cute…I want to do this when I get pregnant!!! 

Tkays World says:

Loved this video 

Ms. M. Hamilton says:

You guys are hilarious together, LOL I like when he shaped your breast and
continued patty them.

Elizabeth Haring says:

this is so cool

Serinas Lenses says:

I want to do this when I get pregnant

SimplyCin says:

Neat! That is such a cute activity for you and the hubster!

Sophronia Johnson says:

Wow! Only 5 weeks to go! You are at the home stretch! Cute project. Love
seeing you and your husband together!!!

petalisbless says:

That’s so cute :)

Tifjef069 says:

This was such a sweet project!!! Awwwweee 5 more weeks! Great video Dee!

Tara White says:

Your husband made it look so ez…He did a great job

DeeDee's World Loves says:

Hey loves, check out my belly cast video! Hope you enjoy! Only 5 weeks
left! Can’t wait!

37sweetpea says:

Awwwwwww to sweet love hubby so involve with your pregnancy. Hugs

Kaneshia Shana says:

great video! I subbed!

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