LOPSIDED PREGNANT BELLY CASTING – 36 Weeks Pregnant – Bumps Along the Way Pregnancy Vlog

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WATCH BELLY PROGRESSION https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oqi5kwzH3Q4&list=TLB4EXlQ9I6cYO6BniY24Xu3x-aQBJPpKX
BEHIND THE SCENES http://y2u.be/pjB4i7p_yrM
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My belly may not be perfect. But it’s his.

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ladin425 says:

I’m going to do this after the golden corral buffet. Would you like to see
a video?

Alexfolledemoi says:

OMG ! your speech was so AMAZING..i may have cried a little !

Mohamed Sameeh says:

Are you naked when you did this?

Nicole Phillips says:

I got emotional… You have such a gift of speaking, Missy. Love you!

LexiisBear says:

you should let him paint it or put his little hand and foot prints on it
once hes born :) 

ximena torres says:

Missy i love that speach so so much it was perfect yourbaby will be pritty
just like you…………..I olmost cryed♡

eliep37 says:


shannon duncan says:

aww beautiful.

Mohamed Sameeh says:

I mean are your boobs out in front of a boy

Amy Shipp says:

Heyy everybody! Please check out my familys youtube page!! We make some
funny videos and daily vlogs! Also my daughters live birth video is
uploaded! :o) Please check us out!! Thank you!! XoAmyXo

Briana Miller says:

I like the part when the ladies were going fast did they reale do that?

Sedef Canan Yami says:

awww i wanna cryyy :))) so so so cuteee <3 

Angie Wood says:

This was soooo sweet… Just perfect ☺️

To Mi says:

great way to create a mickey mouse head, but the ears should be a bit

Kimble Genis says:

Just beautiful missy.

Bethany Cauchi says:

Aw ho cute

Madelyn Olvera says:

That was a beautiful speech to such a memorable moment! 

Jamie King says:

Omg my youngest just turned 18 and for a minute this actually made me want
to try for another one! Bad video! 

nermin raqimov says:


Victoria Farnsworth says:

This video is the first one I watched of yours. Then I was HOOKED! I
couldn’t wait to meet your baby boy! It’s awesome how far you’ve both come!

ZacandSophie says:

Ahhh! this one made me cry too! Another very touching and beautiful video.
I definitely plan on doing this when I am pregnant.

Chloe Larson says:

I want to know where this cast is now! 

สุชานาถ บุญเกิด says:
Anna 10 says:

I’ve cried so much during this video 

sandy88cc says:

awee this was just lovely 

DiamondMushroom says:

That was one of the most beautiful poems i’ve ever heard. Well done.

Cristy Boo says:

isnt it good to know now that your adorable belly was lopsided because of
the septum in your uterus?? Fascinating I think.. 

Vignesh 1981 says:

Very nice

TailorFit says:

Yeah I agree you should paint it. Like Mickey Mouse cuz that’s what it
looks like a little. Ok a lot. Nice poem! Very thoughtful and loving! Tfs

nallely cruz says:

Your speach was amazing 

Vignesh 1981 says:

Very nice

sharonlovesliam says:

wow sooooo adorable!!!:) im totally doing this for my second pregnancy:)

Mayza Simonetti says:

Cried again, and probably will cry every time i get to watch this!

Ilham Bayu Pradana says:

Gpl yy

Kimble Genis says:

Just beautiful missy.

Ilham Bayu Pradana says:

Ko lm

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