How To Make a Pregnancy Belly Cast

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Paul Eubanks says:

Item number 271587450919 on eBay offers the best price per roll on the
Plaster of Paris Cloth. It is offered in 3, 4, 5 and 6 inch widths and can
be purchased in several different quantities. Make sure you compare the
price per roll. If you plan on doing a lot of these, buying in larger
quantities can save you a ton of money. For full disclosure, it is my site
on eBay. Don’t take my word for it, compare all prices per roll and if it’s
not the cheapest, I will change it. Thanks and have fun with your projects!

thejunkjunque says:

Do you reinforce it with wire after it’s made? I heard it might crumble as
time goes on… thanks for the video.

Lena Falkner says:

You are a class act Miss Doula :-) I found it very thoughtful that you made
such effort to make sure that this was a comfortable & memorable event for
your customers! I’m going to do one for my daughter tomorrow in honor of
the arrival of my 1st grandchild. TFS!

puppiluv25 says:

You sound like a robot

whgjrk says:

were do i get the suplies

craftybusymom says:

Where can I buy all those things?? I wanna make this gift for my cosin

bcdoula says:

any art supply store or health supply store

Mechelle Gilbert says:

Thanks Doula, I am doing my first Doula Client Belly Cast Today!

Chelsea Marie says:

I was wondering where you can get the plaster strips? I have done a belly
cast of my own already (at about 30 weeks) and I used Plater of Paris and
some gauze! It was really hard to do because the plaster wasnt already on
the strips like you have it and so the plaster go very hard very fast
before we were done!

ProudBody says:

@cmjones720 Buy one of our proudbody belly cast kits. Just do a search for
proudbody. Very easy to do! We also have painting kits to decorate your
cast once it is finished. Take a look at our gallery page for hundreds of
decorating ideas.

Erica Chavez says:

What type of paint should one use ?.

askadoula says:

You can get the plaster cloth from an art supply store and the rest can be
purchased at the dollar store.

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