Belly Casting Kit for Pregnancy

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We enjoyed creating a belly cast to create a memorable keepsake of our first-born. This is a fun way to make a mold showing beautiful and BIG your body is and gets when it’s pregnant. I recommend it for all. When it’s finished you can paint it and create a real masterpiece to hang on the wall…


Icedude1978 says:

nice, I didn’t know they sell that!

tygertyger714 says:

Cool music lol

Michelle Ray says:

That’s sweet! How much was it though? I thought they were kind of
expensive, but that’s cool you can do it by yourself at home. :)

fetymann says:

Stupid Twilight….*shakes head* Everyone is naming their daughter and dog


Love The Background Music! lol

Mary Llorente says:

very cute, congrats on the baby :)

Lydia Overend says:

how long did it take to set?

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