Belly Cast (Pregnant)

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Notes* Cut the material before you start because you want this to go as fast as possible and after you have it all on sit in front of a fan. Be sure to pee before hand because you will probably sit there for an hr and a half over all.

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VB Ed says:

There is something really special about art which has a personal theme or

Ethan Vanderbuilt says:

I had no idea this was a thing to do, but there are training videos over in
the recommended section. You learn something every day.

Immajeanyus says:

That’s cool. Was it fun sitting there motionless?

Capt. John's Bar says:

Never heard of that….We got three kids.

iceman22st says:

That is so cool, and a great way to be able to share the experience with
the baby. I wish we had done that when my boys were born


hey great video i for got all about you said you was going to do this but
didnt know you was going to film it came out great 

yllekr123 says:

A great piece of art.

lovies2002 says:

Great memories made into art. Nice to see you again. 

MyFlipNWorld says:

thumbs up

Atheist Psyconaut says:

That’s just awesome.

mumsthewitch says:

It’s beautiful! WOuld love to see if you did paint and seal it. LOL! I can
see not many men will be watching the next video. If I’m hearing right, you
dried, ground up and made capsules from the placenta as a med?

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