Belly Cast 37 Weeks § Pregnancy Vlog

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Thank you Mariana for the Wonderful gift!!! Belly cast done at 37 weeks and 2 days!
Baby Art Belly Kit / Creative Baby Souvenirs.

Dad did most of work, but i had to put my hands on it! 😀
I’m still gonna reenforce again and them sand it and will decide a design to decorate the belly cast.


MyPregnancyVlog says:

@moonbear Thank you, it would be even better when is finished, but still
gonna take a while.. 😉 xxx Armanda

MyPregnancyVlog says:

@TeaandTimW707 Thanks 😀 xxx Armanda

TeaandTimW707 says:

What a perfect belly u have! Looks so great!

MyPregnancyVlog says:

@Tam261260 Thank you (actually was a friend idea) :) xxx Armanda

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