38 Weeks Pregnant. Belly Cast Footage!

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I attempted to document us casting my baby bump lol. Note to self: Learn to edit video….. To do this we used: A reclining beach chair, tarp/newspaper, vaseline (all over any exposed skin to protect from plaster sticking), a large bowl of warm water & 4 rolls of plaster tape. I recommend using 12in, 16in, and 8in strips. Have a few small squares to cover belly button and nipples if you choose not to wear a bra :)


waittingformybaby says:

Great idea thanks!!! I was wondering how the heck am I gonna do this and
have my mom do it for me with my boob just sticking out lol!! Great idea
putting the plastic wrap over the bra 

BambaBooty says:

Oh my hell, y’all are way too cute :3

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