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http://MamaNatural.com QOTW: What was the worst parenting advice YOU ever received?

A blood transfusion in utero, man hallucinates while eating the world’s hottest curry, and the worst parenting advice you’ve ever heard. It’s episode 73 of the Mama Natural Show.

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Baleigh Ramey says:

My grandmother told me if I watch scary movies while pregnant I’ll have a
miscarriage or my baby will be deformed. She also told me that if my baby
moves too much it means the umbilical cord is wrapped around her and she’s

daisy molina says:

I had a friend who told me not to hold my baby so much. excuse me! i did
tell her I am going to hold my baby all the time, because 1. he is a baby
my baby 2. I am the one taking care of my baby. 3. I won’t let the baby
cry, knowing that it is comforting for him, and I Love holding him!

Christina Nunn says:

Also, ALL MOTHERS need to listen to their OWN INSTINCTS on what is best for
THEIR OWN CHILDREN and STOP listening to everyone else’s advice!!! I
learned this the hard way and things couldn’t possibly go any better for me
and my son now that I STOPPED listening to everyone else, and I STOPPED
“people-pleasing” (which NEVER works!) :)

cosasquesurgen says:

Worst advice, and given by his pediatritian: If you want to stop
breastfeeding just do it at once and let him cry; he will be fine after a
couple of days. Yeah, like he understands why his mom suddenly stops giving
him the highest of pleasures… Luckily enough I didn’t listen.

William Burt says:

WORSE! bottle feeding is easier than breastfeeding. don’t listen

Rose & Kitty says:

There was one lady who made the new parents she was teaching leave the new
baby outside, in a stroller, ALONE!!!

Mamagnosis says:

I was once told that my son was going to be clingy because I was baby
wearing at 10 months. It took me everything I had to not point out that her
unemployed, adult sons were still living with her… 

Christina Nunn says:

My worst advice ever would DEFINITELY win: “Tie your son to the toilet with
a belt in order to force potty-train him.”….WHAT?!?!

Destinee Drewry says:

Mine was that I needed to introduce my child to guns while he is little so
he will know not to be scared. Yeah, like I’m gonna give my five year old a

Ariel Harmony says:

Oh boy. I’ve been to first 6 months of my sons life domestic violence
shelters so as you can imagine I got a lot of really awful advice from
people that were trying to help but had no idea. I’m a natural mama who
attachment parents so it goes to say I excused a lot of their ideas with a
simple “thanks for the advice”

Sarah Chase says:

I had someone try to convince me so often to let him cry it out. I’m glad I
didn’t listen. 

superherom03 says:

My father told me to stop nursing at 3 months as the baby already got all
the benefits from breast milk. sigh

laura rambin says:

i was told to eat a ghost pepper to induce labor

Shelby Morris says:

My father in-law is all about the clean plate club, and i’m SO SO SO
against it. He Try’s to make my kids do that and it really angers me so
much that im in a constant battle with that.

ChiChiPorcini says:

Let my DD ‘learn to scream’ I respond too much and too quickly to her. She
has to cry. Otherwise she knows she runs the household .
She was 9 months when I received this tidbit of advice

TheLstStarFighter says:

Cereal in the bottle to help them sleep through the night. 

Julie W says:

I had a daycare provider tell me to wake up my 7m old to feed her (baby
food)at like 5am–Yikes!! Needless to say she was the worst DCP ever….

Amber Osswald says:

The worst advice is any bad advice I get from my mom. I feel bad for my
past baby self having to have been formula fed with rice filler at 3
months, my ears pierced at 3 months, left to cry it out, and spanked for
nearly everything starting at 12 months. 

gabrielle wells says:

yes the most advice that’s BAD are from non parents!!

Heather Garcia says:

“She’s 20lbs and almost 12 months old I think it’s time that she be less
dependant on that pacifier and boob and she really should turn forward
facing in the car or she will be crunched up. Oh and those cloth diapers
are only going to hold so much so it’s time to switch to pampers or luvs.
They hold more urine you know.”

TengwarSoup says:

The thing with tabasco on the thumb would never have worked on me. In fact,
nothing worked! I sucked my first two fingers on the right hand until I was
13, though not as much as when I was little. In fact, when I was twelve, I
remember taping all my fingers together before bed so I wouldn’t! (but I
did.) I stopped because I had to get braces and it hurt to have a big metal
thing in my mouth. 

Peta Bruce says:

You need to make sure you are giving your 4 month old baby plenty of solids
and mainly meat to get him to gain more weight. (We are a vegetarian

lexiconlover says:

I was told that letting kids cry helps strengthen their lungs. I don’t
necessarily think this is false but I know crying too much is not good for
their psyche.

smileelove25 says:


louisvilleglamgirl says:

It’s sad to think that some poor baby or child has went through these
horrible advice tips!!!

AnandaBeauty says:

“Let them cry. It’s good for their lungs!” Umm… I think NOT!!! I’m a
natural momma of two girls with one on the way and this has been quoted to
me waaaay too many times. I will never just leave my baby or older children
I want them to know that as long as I breath I will always be there for
them unconditionally.

shleeeebs says:

Worst parenting advice would be the CIO method

Solana Elliott says:

i’m not a mom; but i still love your videos! I agree with everything you
say (i.e. why i love your videos haha!) i’m so glad you have a healthy
community built up around you and you spread the word of breastfeeding and
natural parenting styles! you go!!

Chopsstix says:

If you lift baby to high she will get “air in her ears” in other words
pressure. If you have an unsatisfied craving while pregnant baby will be
born with “mouth hanging open” or trouble feeding. Courtesy of my
Salvadorian mother in law. :)

Sasha Sutton says:

Here are some good ones. Smoke in the ears for an ear infection. Don’t
breastfeed your baby at night or they won’t be able to ever sleep without
you. Don’t allow your baby to sleep with you or she will take over your
bed. Stop breastfeeding as soon as food is introduced or they will not eat
well.Of course, the ever popular “cry it out” advice.

Audrey Wilson says:

That’s awful, and so wrong of parents to drug their babies so that they
will sleep all night. I don’t know what parents have come to these days.

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