Parenting Tips – How to Discipline Children

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Learn how to discipline children with these easy tips from Parents Magazine! The key to disciplining children is to be consistent, follow through once you’ve set up rules, show respect, and remain calm. Here are our four parenting tips on how to discipline children. Tip one is to teach natural consequences. Choose a punishment that fits your child’s bad behavior. Tip two is to ignore certain attention-seeking behaviors. If your child doesn’t get a rise out of you, she will probably stop doing it. Tip three is to give choices to your child so they’re more willing to cooperate. Tip four is to use time-outs. Your child’s behavior won’t change immediately, but be patient and utilize these discipline techniques for effective parenting!


Kids In The House says:

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Emrald70 says:

I’d believe these negative comments if the video wasn’t mainly thumbed up
at least commit to disliking this video with actions, not just nasty typing

BonnieandTom Liotta says:

Many of these ideas and techniques could work, but are very outdated.These
positive parenting strategies have been taught for nearly a century now.
Great choices compared to corporal punishment, but if you had a choice,
would you like to listen to your favorite music on outdated technology – LP
records, or would you choose cutting edge technology – iPod? Exactly!

I too would choose the iPod. Let me show you what I mean by each of her
examples. Then you can decide for yourself – LP Record or iPod.

LP Record – Tip #1 – Child throws food on wall. She is excused from the
table..and will remember not to play with food next time (LP Record).

iPod Tip #1 – Show your child how to ask to be excused from the table when
done or full, before they start eating. This way the food will stay on the

LP Record – Tip #2 – Ignore what you don’t like when they want your
attention, or set a timer when you are available.

iPod – Tip #2 – Teach your child what they can do, or how you would like
them to get your attention, before hand. This way if the child does want
your attention, they are empowered to make it happen.

LP Record – Tip #3 – She has this one spot on. Give parent approved
choices, so the children can make real life decision, by the age of 18.

LP Record Tip #4 – Giving Time outs are like listening to a skipping
record. Long-term it will drive you nuts.

iPod – Tip #4 – Empower your child, by incorporating the universal truth
of cause & effect. Show your child what to do. “If you do (this) *_____*
then (this) *_______* will happen. When you do (that) *______* then (that)
*________* will happen.” Either way, the child will step more into their
power of creation. They make the results, or effect, happen. There is no
punishment inflicted onto the child by you, the parent.

So what is better for you when you parent? Outdated techniques, or cutting
edge techniques? Once you know them both, you can have the right to

brandon cummings says:

Ok I may not be a parent but from what I have seen from my friends who are
parents, this shit doesn’t work.
It’s fucking called spanking. I was spanked when I was a child and I
believe I turned out pretty dam well and I’m gonna make sure my kids are
well disciplined as well. I’m not going to beat them. I’m going to have
them show respect and learn respect and if it has to be that way then so be

Tesia Roution says:

My son thinks these are joke iiv tryed time outs all I got was hit

ThePapiDaddy says:

I’ve read through tons of comments here and I don’t think any of the
parents agree with any of these tips. Including me. maybe half of one… 

Ethan Cohen says:

Parents, please watch this video I found. We need to know this. The book is
blowing my mind by the way
How Elliot Rodger Retribution is Biggest 3 Psych Diagnosis

Victor Yeverino says:

My grandmother has been doing this go 8 years and no result at all

Rebecah Gessner says:

I agree up until the part of taking a bite of someones arm. that will get
my daughter popped AND THEN timeout

Jans Mcclain says:

Please help my sister.

Victor Yeverino says:

Oops ment technics not go

MrGophillyeagles says:

fuck these experts whoop their fuckin asses

I Love my Babies says:

This is very important to know!

Video: Parenting Tips – How to Discipline Children

Wesley Topping says:

Better tips treat them like an adult and encourage positive behavior. Time
out is inefficient it makes kids not do stuff out of fear rather than
because they are morally obligated not to do it. In other words if they see
no risk of punishment in taking someone else’s candy bar they will take the
candy bar.

Tanner De Long says:

what the fuck is this? this isn’t “how to discipline children” this is “how
to ignore children” parents, don’t listen to this, spankings is an actual
discipline…this bitch should be fired from her job.

Kevin Sage says:

You are an idiot Tanner De Long. At least she is positive unlike your dumb
ass negative comment. You should go get a job and a life also. Go sit in
your hole idiot!!! Head to Iraq dummy!!!

ImmaCutieLo says:

sounds like there is allot of negligence…. and passive

Sassy Monkey says:
Elinor W says:

I’m a kid not true

benzerade says:

Im 13 and id rather have my parents give me a little less atention does
that mean Im like mental or im just getting too old for time out?

erin272013 says:

I got a Qustion my daughter is 6 almost 7 and she go’s into my brothers
bedroom for time-out for 6 mintues is that okay to do and a other question
she keeps wanna to do things her self all the time What things are good and
bad for her to DO and NOT DO? and she stiffs in her seat shes been doing
that since she was 7mo old and now she is 6 iv tooking her to see a dr and
they did some tests and they diding find nothing wrong with her how do I
know if its something serious since she is still doin it

Parents Magazine says:

Try submitting your question to our Expert Q&A tool! The link is found in
the video description above.

Becca Hall says:

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HamidahIshak says:

Salaam sisters.thank you for your kindness and sharing

RUND S.H says:

Offff 20 time ! Remember Be patient and conssistant

Luckychap1 says:

Teaching natural consequences for their action seems very difficult
especially to 3 or 4yr old kid

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