Parenting Advice by Expert, Emma Jenner: Kids need to hear “No”!

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I wrote an article for the Huffington Post and here I give you the scoop on point #3 Being afraid of ‘No’! There are times you’ll need to say it and there are certainly times your kid will need to hear. So lets get busy, here are my top tips for an effective “No” !


BonnieandTom Liotta says:

Thank you for your message Emma. We respect your advice and see where you
are coming from with your authoritative style, using the word “NO”. We
absolutely agree with setting limits, structure and expectations. However,
getting down on their level with an authoritative and controlling “No” is a
short cut. It’s being taught to parents and setting them and their children
up for failure. When parents believe power struggles, tantrums and
disgruntled children are normal, they don’t know when they are doing
something that is devaluing their child. Temper tantrums are not normal.
They are letting the parent know that there is something off the mark. When
you tell your child “NO! Don’t touch the stove. It’s hot.” They are made to
feel like they have done something bad or wrong. That is not true. They
need to learn the life skills of how to touch a stove. Yes? Children need
to be taught how to cross the road, etc. There are opportunities to empower
your child every day, when you know to look for them; when you know the
exact words to use; when you have the tools to empower them. When the
answer is always yes attached to a life skill on how to do what’s important
to the child, you have a recipe for successfully raising cooperative
children, who are confident, happy and with the life skills to excel now
and forever. 

Emma Jenner says:

Do you say ‘No’ to your children? 

Emma's Children says:

My latest video on my recently launched YouTube channel :) Make sure to
subscribe. Thanks for all the support.

Why it’s OK to say ‘NO’ to your child. Don’t be afraid of the word,
sometimes a child just needs to hear it!

Susan Carruthers says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

erin272013 says:

Is it true that if you are in a bad mood your child will be too?

Alisse Heine says:

Kids need limits – I couldn’t agree more! Getting on their level really
does work. I always get down on my knees and make sure my girls are looking
me in the eyes when I tell them ‘no’ and they know I mean business :)
Thanks for all the great advice Emma!

Jeff Botch says:

Excellent info, Emma! My children and I will benefit from your wisdom.
Thanks again!

Emma Jenner says:

Yes, kids need limits! Thanks for your comment, Alisse.

SecondchancesYahknow says:

I think its okay to be a child’s friend as long as your parents first. A
real friend loves you unconditionally. A real friend is honest with you.
And a real friend will not let you put yourself in danger. So I do believe
that’s okay for parents to be a child’s friends

Emma Jenner says:

It does indeed! Thank you :)

Kat Bentley says:

My parents told me “NO” all the time. It works

Ask Doctor G says:

Fantastic advice – I really believe in giving our kids respect AND clear
boundaries that are enforced. And I agree with your point about helping
kids be resilient about being told no from others, as well. Thanks for
taking the time to make the video!

StellarSwimming says:

Yay Emma!!! Remember No is a complete sentence !! Stellar swimmers know I
mean business when I say no.

Emma Jenner says:

Thank you Jeff, I’m happy you like the video :)

Terrell Wright says:

No child…..why No dad?…’s not what’s best for you and as your
father and friend, I want what’s best for you.

NZpower018 says:

I think mentioning the boogeyman works more efficiently then just saying
”no”. That’s just my opinion though.

Emma Jenner says:

Thank you so much Debra!! xx

TheRomeoseven says:

Emma is the BEST!!! She taught me to say ‘NO” and im grateful –Debra

Emma Jenner says:

Thank you!! Yes, at times ‘No’ is definitely a complete sentence. Thanks
for your comment. :)

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