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I filmed this video when Graham was 8 weeks old. I feel like there are clips that are missing, but I still feel as though the information is quite useful for new parents. A couple items that are not listed in this video that I do feel are must have items are :

1. An Infant Car Seat
2. A Stroller in which your Infant Car Seat will attach to. I see new parents carrying Car Seats all the time and their life would be so much easier by just attaching the car seat onto a stroller.


Apple tini says:

Nails are not the only problem with there hands. Im about to have baby 6 to
step kids so 8 kids .. And I had 3 point there eyes and stuff with no nails
… So socks on hands are my fav mitten where always to big for my lil ones

ohjustme . says:

yeah I was confused too and awwwww he is so so little . but at first I
thought it was some way of announcing the second pregnancy . I dunno, I was
lost. but fun watching it 

Yana K says:

Aaww Graham is so small. I agree about not stocking up on diapers, you
don’t know which ones won’t work for your baby and will make them get a
rash. Great essentials, love the nail filer. I’ve never seen that one,
great idea. I’ve always struggled cutting my son’s little finger nails at
first and he would scratch himself so I found those hospital onesies so
Now that Graham is a toddler, can you do “toddler essentials” video?

Apple tini says:

Ur a 1st time mom for real !!!! Mom of 8 I should do a baby much have lol 

Becky Nelson says:

I agree about the diapers. People get all worried and crazy about stocking
up. My latest baby is 6 months old and she was born at almost 10 lbs. She
didn’t even go through one pack of newborn diapers. And you are
right….getting out to the store is a wonderful break from being cooped up
in the house. So unless you are out in the middle of no where and it takes
hours to get to a store…don’t stock up. Great advice :)

Charito says:

I did a marathon of your baby videos recently as I’m having a baby soon.
Thought you said you were going to post some kind of newborn essentials. So
happy you did!!! Thank you!! Graham was so tiny, so cute! This was so
helpful. Thanks!
What’s the name of that little machine that tracks the diaper change and

Marsadie Woody says:

What was the name of the crib with wheels?

Thanks so much for this video!

Melissa Lancaster says:

Thanks for all the good tips you shared! I remember a few times back when
Graham was tiny you showed on your DITL Videos a swing you used to put him
in while you were getting ready. It looked like it was a bit tall and I
haven’t found any similar to it. Do you remember the brand it was??

Silvia Flores says:

I really did think you had another baby.I was like where have I been?what
did I miss?lmao!dont scare me like that Lorraine!

ariadne3838 says:

So nice to see “tiny baby” Graham again. I also love seeing the little
baby clothes. So soft and comfy. I always like your choices. <3

Lexi Fama Life says:

Where you able to find out the name of those socks ? I really enjoyed this
video :) such great finds for babies 

bianca1360 says:

Great video! I just had my 3rd baby a few weeks ago, (first boy), and, like
you, just adore socks on his little feet. If you ever do find out where you
got those awesome socks from, let me know! :)

Tanya Gonzalez says:

Maybe she uploaded this video to help her friend tiffany (MakeupbytiffanyD)
since shes pregnant howw cute 

amandabassford says:

Thank you for this! Very informative! What was the second baby carrier you

Bonnie Pannagl says:

Very helpful 

Eloria Cole says:

your guys are so cute…

CarlyUTube says:

Girl I thought you were pregnant again! LoL 

Becky Nelson says:

??? I was like “wait a minute….whose baby is that??” It’s baby Graham :)
So cute.

Lexi Fama Life says:

I was also wondering what the brand of your bouncer is ? 

brownbeautysimor says:

really fun video..
gotta mommy channel as well
you can check it out

mmmdaysoflion says:

Very helpful video:) btw what stroller did you choose? Thanks! 

nycknyckny says:

Hi, where did you get your boppy pillow?

TheCurrentFamily says:

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