Jimmy Gets Parenting Advice From Kids

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Jimmy’s wife is having a baby soon. He has two older kids so it’s been a long time since he took care of a baby. To brush up and get some advice on how to raise a child, he went right to the source and asked a child to help him figure some things out.

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Jimmy Gets Parenting Advice From Kids http://youtu.be/vbVnVrQsh_U


Jimmy Kimmel Live says:

Who better to give Jimmy baby advice than someone who recently was one?

jerry m says:

what an adorable girl! and she sure knows a lot more about taking care of
babies than most those 16 and pregnant girls!

Hafsa Abdo says:

OMG I can’t believe my eyes, some people are actually sexualizing a fuckin
6 year old??????? OHHH LORD, what has this world come to??? Yall are
fuckin’ sick its disgusting and yes I’m kink shaming because what you’re
doing is called pedophilia!!!!
And for god sake please stop talking about her skirt she is fuckin 6!!!!!!!

Straight egde says:

The doll is freaky as shit.

humudu says:

Wait should i eat it or no? this is confusing

NJA2k8 says:

5:13 girl: “this guy is fucking retarded, i swear” 

Konrad Dybala says:

I’ll be honest that poop looked delicious.


getting pooped on is nothing compared to getting peed on..
poop comes off, pee goes everywhere..

Rami Albazy says:

If only babies pooped chocolate, I would get 20 of them. 

Dan carey says:

Is that six year old wearing make up?

Elvis Licitis says:

Nice job. The girl is really smart, she’s gonna be a good mom one day! :)

Amanda Piccolo says:

She’s actually pretty smart

martin mystere says:

Im usually not affected by children cuteness….but this girl is
cute…like kawaiii cute……very informative lesson though!! 

Chris Hansen says:

Jimmy is funny, the girl is funny, the parents need to learn to not
sexualize their children with the way the dress them.

Socorro Mendoza says:

I died the little girl gets frustrated

Black Cobra says:

OMG baby?, that doll has a penis!… that’s messed up!. “While pulling
giant dildo from the closet”

Sarah2Cold says:

when i was six i was a terrible mother, my baby doll wore the same diaper
for its entire life, which only spanned about 6 weeks before i got bored of
it and either got a new one or developed a new interest. to this day i have
no idea what happened to any of my baby’s but i suspect my dog has
something to do with it.

MalikaiDragonSlayer says:

Damn, this girl knows her shit.

bloodiamondeyes says:

the parents that raised this kid, raised their kid right. which i is more
than i can say that have spoiled brats as kids.
those parents don’t have the right to be called a parent. Why? because
they’re the reason why there isn’t world peace. they are also the reason
why there isn’t a lot of good hearted people ( good hearted meaning those
that help others for the sake of being a good person and not because they
want something in return ).

Quit Youtube. says:

Dafuq, I was eating food while watching this…………..lol

Zith_Sith says:


Justin Désilets says:

Next time i’m facing a diaper, I’ll know what to do. If I don’t, i’ll post
a video on YouTube asking Jimmy to come and help me out. 2 persons are
smarter than 1 so we should be good to do it. I hope.

Achievement Horse says:

Am I the only one that hasn’t seen a baby doll with a baby penis? Because
that’s a first for me.

Shivam Patel says:

That wass sooo fracking cute gosh damn it.. OMG haha I love Jimmy Kimmel!

Jax T says:

Jimmy looks like a malnourished old man, and acts like a malnourished old
woman. Bring back the man show, you traded in juggy dancers for this crap

julia's_bstyle says:

Omg she’s so cute

ParanormalRme says:

what a cutiepie :)

Robotjosh18 says:

That baby doll has a penis…..

Zlatan Ibrahimovic says:

Ok, she is definitely not 6, she is like 7 or 8, ffs she even said “Dad”,
what 6 year old doesn’t say Daddy???? Whats wrong with ‘kids’ these

Jcaje AJ says:

Dude you gotta see this it’s fricken hilarious

Castrav Eleuterius says:

All those ads I clicked for men supplements,and still that baby has a
bigger dick than me #BabyCorn 

iOS David says:

Man some people are stupid.. Calling her stupid.. She is six, when you were
six you probably would of said the same stuff.

Annabel Felicano says:

Men complain about dolls with dicks,women don’t complain about dolls with
vaginas? Barbie much?

Haley Fowler says:

“Why does the doll have a penis?”

Oh my god you mean that boy doll has a part that an actual little baby boy
would have?!

So weird!! 

Lori C says:

What a bright, articulate, wonderful kid!

Name of the Rose says:

This was not bad but generally Kimmel should be kept away from children.
Most of the time, he’s laughing at them because he’s “smarter” than them.

nin xo says:

She seems very smart and mature for her age!

i'll grow says:

When I was 6 I thought if you prayed hard enough a baby would fly from
heaven not your lap.

akonvict says:

Awkward Jimmy, do not look straight into the camera.

caycay4722 says:

That doll came with a penis…

Yashara Barnes says:

XD LOL Her laugh is adorable…

Foshizzle Bizz says:

Dude that baby doll had a dick like what why is there a dick on a little
kids toy doll

DjStiv3 says:

you want an example of a bad dad? this little girls dad is a bad dad.. why
would you let her be apart of this? i mean really…. letting her show a
grown man how to wipe a babys ass? wow
i know its all in good fun and a joke but bro come on

Andrew Whalen says:

ila dat ass

Stephanie Mejia Limón says:

She’s absolutely adorable!

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