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How to swaddle your newborn baby – Swaddling your newborn baby can be a little difficult if you are unsure of the right technique, but with some wonderfully simple advice from Liz Day, Mothercare’s parenting consultant, you will find swaddling a breeze.

Ensure your baby doesn’t become too warm, whilst always put them to sleep on their back. Obviously as your baby grows they will start to turn over and crawl, so swaddling your baby may not be necessary. But be led by your baby, they will let you know if they enjoy being wrapped up or not.

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mothercare says:

Learn How to Swaddle Your Baby

WebAliveMedia says:

Remarkable content Liz, I do believe it definitely is vital that you get
the idea exactly how to do swaddling suitably though. Serious health care
concerns like problems with hip-joint could possibly be resulted in by
wrong swaddling.

Babies are most commonly born with immaturity in their hip-joint area,
which requirements a number of months to be stable and strong. That is why
pediatric orthopedic health professionals tend to recommend swaddling that
allows the baby to move and bend its hip effortlessly.

Tycho Thorpe says:

Baby Burrito!

Kaththee says:

I had one that didn’t like swaddling and one that became hysterical if the
blanket loosened. My baby that liked to be swaddled wanted her hands up
near her face and tucked into the fold area at top of the blanket. She
wouldn’t tolerate her hands down probably because the first nurse who
swaddled her did it with the hands at the top tucked. 

jazmen cromer says:

love babies they are so precious 

niddaaa1233 says:

It would have been nice if the camera was concentrating on the technique
and baby instead of moving away.

A is 4 Adoption says:

Swaddling Your New Baby

mothercare says:

Swaddling your newborn baby can be a little difficult, if you are unsure of
the right technique. Watch this video for some wonderfully simple advice>>

xAngecielx says:

like how you wrap a burrito?

mybe Carter says:

how about if you’re living in warm countries like the Philippines?

mothercare says:

Hi mybe Carter. If you have decided you would like to swaddle and your baby
likes it make sure you use a thin 100% natural blanket such as cotton or
bamboo. Make sure your baby does not get too hot, the swaddling sheet
should never cover the babies head plus swaddling is only for young babies
under a few months old, as soon as your baby can start to roll or starts to
dislike being swaddled then it’s best to stop. All babies are different and
certainly in hot weather there is no need to swaddle.

willardmru says:

Thanks for this video. I’ve been using a different and more complicated

Agnes Smallwood says:

that’s so right. If they do, they won’t be having trouble with things they
usually have trouble with

Ilse Gallimore says:

everyone has different experiences with different babies- its only natural

TheSleepySnorlax says:

theres evidence that swaddling can damage a babies hips…

Pomeroy Eastep says:

i am sure it will work for everyone

Valle Finnie says:

great tips for mothers

Meek Grieve says:

very nice

Delphine Loticius says:

soft ones are better. You may want to change blanket according to weather
of the area where you live. But i’m sure Liz Day can give tell more about it

Jacquelin Linderman says:

great tips. some people excel at making things simple. swaddling looked
like some of the toughest things before i heard an expert talk about it.

Christiane White says:

what age would it be suitable to stop swaddling a baby when putting them to
sleep? would swaddling lead to bad sleeping habits for the child?

Danette Heisenii says:

well said. I had similar experiences with two different babies

Maryjane Heylmeck says:

Does the ambiance of the bedroom matter as well? Some of my mom friends
beleive that blue light makes a huge difference.

Delphine Loticius says:

Swaddling is necessary to make the baby sleep. To get it done, you just
have to contain your baby’s movement.

mothercare says:

Hi Michael. Thanks for your message. If you contact our customer care
centre they will be able to help you. You can call them on 0844 875 5222 or
if you visit our website there is an online form you can complete and one
of the team will get back to you.

Valle Finnie says:

I buy most of my baby stuff from mothercare and here they are helping me
with yet another thing. Thanks Liz

Christiane White says:

Thanks very much :)

Ocie Maravilla says:

umm seems easy now…

Acree Kardos says:

Thanks for sharing this information. Such a cute little baby.

Maryjane Heylmeck says:

i want to know more about it..

Pompa Dwight says:

loved these days- my advice for new moms, learn everything about baby days
before you actually get there.

Lyla Muehling says:

yea it does. I used to set it to purplish blue and seriously it was
soothing. you will find a lot about how colors influence babies

janwolves says:

Chris swaddle

Thu Mcgonagle says:

i haven’t found a better swaddling tip than what Liz has to say about it.

Delphine Loticius says:

yea true because everyone is different. its more about judging your baby
and then adopting a way according to it

mothercare says:

All babies are have different temperaments so the best idea is to take cues
from your baby. Some babies just don’t like being swaddled and prefer to be
able to move around a little more freely. If your baby really seems unhappy
when you swaddle her you could try a baby sleeping bag. They’re suitable
from birth and help to control your baby’s temperature, stops her from
kicking her covers off but allows her to move about a bit. It’s a good
alternative to swaddling but isn’t as restrictive.

Pomeroy Eastep says:

thanks for the great tips. looks like i was missing the core

Meek Grieve says:

why is it that important to ‘restrict’ the baby. I’m expecting and I’m not
sure if I’d want to keep my baby from moving.

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