How to Prepare Your Dog for a Baby

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A new baby introduces new sounds and smells into the house, so get your best friend ready before the baby comes home from the hospital.

Step 1: Make the house ready
Add items for your baby to your home – like a crib, a stroller, and baby toys – slowly, so your dog can get used to them.

Step 2: Use a stunt baby
Ask a friend to bring their baby over for a visit. Record the baby’s sounds, including cries, and play them back for the dog in the months leading up to the birth.

Step 3: Change the sleeping arrangements
If your dog sleeps in your room or bed, slowly move them to their own sleeping area. They should be sleeping comfortably in their own spot away from your bedroom and the baby’s room several weeks before the due date.

Make sure your dog knows the new sleeping arrangement is not a punishment by leaving treats on his bedding.

Step 4: Getting the scent
While mother and baby are still in the hospital, send some worn clothes home to acclimate your dog to the new baby’s scent.

Step 5: Bonding with the baby
While you are playing with the baby, don’t neglect your four-legged friend. As you are holding the baby, talk to your dog and give them plenty of treats.

Did You Know?
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz hired “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan to help their bulldog prepare for their baby.


eyeheartpancakes says:

thank u. very helpful. fucking homophobes are the ones who shouldnt be
treated equal.

generic generic says:

this is all very well and good but how do you prepare your baby for a dog?
I tried moving the baby into a new room with dog treats but that doesn’t
seem to work.

Jozhster says:

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silverponylover999 says:

funny but disgusting >.>

Sspitfire says:

I thought is the Dog having a Baby >:(

noodle0912 says:

Wouldn’t you want to keep your new born far away from the dog, for health

shylashes says:

Does anyone know what breed that dog is?

xxdana says:

that was the stupidest random fact at the end

Mr. B says:

By just looking at the title, I thought the video was about how to feed a
baby to your dog. Then I thought it was about how to help your dog birth
puppies. Needless to say, I was disappointed.

ngallion says:

@tubesai aaaaand we call those kinds of babies “puppies”!

Mystro1989 says:

when does the baby have a dog?

123lol1234know says:

do you know the different between a psychologist and a trainer?

thelamb777 says:

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Salien1999 says:

Step 1: Get a Labrador. They are good with kids.

ursurskiss says:

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zackywacky1996 says:

woot ceaser!

Yordan Andrea says:

im not heartless i didnt say im going to kill the babys iv watched my 2
younger brothers when they were ones i just dont like them and i dont plan
on having one for the next 10-15 years


exactly me 2 lol

shylashes says:

Totally, but Cesar Millan is adorable, I can’t hate on him.

faithinmee says:

Oh my so cute!

tipofmytongue1024 says:

this video was awsome until you mentioned Ashlee Simpson

LegitimateLegenD says:

Yes I know, but before he said that I just thought that for a minute :)

Christian Grimes says:

I like this one cause it has a cute dog and a cute baby

Kanashto says:

i also thought it was about a dog having a baby..

Victoria Anne says:

😛 wow

Luke Dodge says:

Wouldn’t you also need a dog to even make this necessary?

123lol1234know says:

ceasr millan FTW n__n

LegitimateLegenD says:

With a crib I thought he meant a house xD

Dreambby says:

The baby is simply adorable! =)

Yordan Andrea says:

omfg i hate babys they are so ugly adn lil and theyr hands are soooo creepy
and the make baby sounds i just wanna die when i see one

Navy Blue says:

Should of shown this to my aunt while I still had the chance. -.-

CameraSeesAll says:

in otherwords…be a parent

Sheabutter125 says:

i hate you you heartless person

TheRandomguy06 says:

At first I thought it was how to prepare your dog for eBay lol

DharokDude says:

Lol the girl isn’t pregnant.

bettyboop5162 says:

breastfeed the baby from a girl dog!

MissMustache says:

Do you know the difference between a trainer and an animal abuser?

jdawz1985 says:

LOL! at first I thought it said prepare it for ebay! I was like WTH

adioskater900 says:

thats how to be a tranny or cross dress

CamuiLucy says:

My dog was already unusually calm when my niece was brought home.

Smith Smitherman says:

i want u to die when u see one too

solorstars says:

this would have helped 2 weeks ago when my sis gave birth ahaha lmao

scorpianofthesun says:

Same here.

AHS says:

I thought this was about helping your dog give birth. 😛 Guess not.

Natalie Zubkova says:

1:10 i see doggy #2

_Wendy_x.x says:

My dog is feeling ‘jealous’ coz my parents neglected her

daaznrichard says:

man…u got issues…remember u were one too

seygra20 . says:


Michael L says:

lol, borrow your friends baby… “Hay buddy, let me borrow your baby so my
dog can chew on your baby before i bring mine home.” haha

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