How to Prepare For a Baby: Newborn Baby Essentials

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How to Prepare For a Baby: Newborn Baby Essentials

Preparing to bring home your new baby can feel a bit daunting. These tips will help you prepare for leaving the hospital, coming home, in the nursery and life on the go.

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Charlette Hernandez says:

I don’t/won’t have a nursery, baby stays with my husband and I. He is so
excited, his first and only baby… just about 22 weeks to go. 

Juliet Pastolero says:

The hospital don’t recommend bringing pacifier? What else can I do about

Help, anyone I’m gonna be a dad soon :|


Very informative

Deborah GothicVegan says:

Most of the products in this Pampers commercial are not necessary. The
others (soothers, bottles and that carrier, which is NOT ergonomic) are
even bad for the baby.

JusDuckie says:

It’s so funny how these vids pretend not to be Pampers commercials.

shantonn w says:

Diaper bag was super kute! Anyone know where I can find one?

Sarrisa ColemanSarrisacloeman says:

This is a grate video. Thuan


Still have 3 months to go.

mymothershelper says:

This is obviously a commercial for Pampers. As a postpartum doula student I
think it is important to mention that soothers and bottles are not
recommend in the newborn stage. Babies have a strong urge to suck often
when they are new so that they can bring in moms milk. If you replace your
breast with a plastic nipple it will take longer to build up your milk
supply. Cloth diapers rock! 

Nora Bunin says:

Help me alot

Latonya Sanders says:

Six days until my baby girl is born im so happy in pain but happy

Beloved Earth Beauty says:

How to Prepare For a Baby: #Newborn #Baby Essentials
#babysneed #babycare

Samantha Crowe says:

you can just use a regular pillow to feed your baby, you don’t have to buy
a feeding pillow. its one of those things u don’t absolutely need. and want
u to spend more $$$

Sitara Raza says:

I like it

CurvyBeauty says:

3 more months I’m super nervous but what can I do lol come over to my
channel I have makeup, affordable hauls, and hair tutorials. Also if you
want to talk about being a new mother I’m open because I am. :-)

Gudmo Biyo Cas says:

Very good vid. 

JAVANNA McNiel says:
Borislava Konstantinova says:

Nice video , but still somethimes i am really scared what i am gonna do ! I
am in 5-th month now ….

Morgan Latrice says:

7 weeks and 1 day until my due date!!

Seky aslam says:

Having babies it’s like put all your money in the trash can, stop the

omania100 says:

Lovely video. .nice voice and background music too

Samantha Crowe says:

24 more days till my due date <3 

Cami Sweet says:

so excited for my baby girl to get here 12 more weeks to go!!

Sparkles Taylor says:
Camstar1000 says:

this video IS sponsored by Pampers unless you silly women hadn’t noticed.
Gosh, there are no non branded items here, pathetic

Ja Dala says:

Where can I get the diaper bag in this video? 

Elesie b says:

this is awesome and insightful

Meghan Sweeney says:


kangacroc55 says:

LOL. I laughed when I saw that! Us grammar Nazis are good at catching these
things! =)

Howdini says:

So glad that you found this helpful…Congratulations! 😉

The Hardcore Unicorn says:

Im only 14 but im only watching these because i love babies and maybe want
a family when im older ( maybe after college..)

Shyy Monroe says:

3 more months till i Have my twins!!

lisa cowan says:

Well done

Jane Smithson says:

That’s a big baby. Def not a newborn like it tries to insinuate.

angelagarb says:

I sooo needed this! Thank you! Now, i just have to double up for the twins

cassie m says:

hehe in the subtitles it says “worthless” while she clearly said
worthWHILE. just thought it was funny =)

Ahrii Zarco says:

thanks so much! my little one will be here in December and this helped a
lot! :)

smoke10108 says:

thank u this was helpful

Johnathan hemmen says:

6 weeks left for me i be having my twins very soon :-)

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