How to Prepare for a Baby (Kid Advice)

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How to Prepare for a Baby. Babyproofing can be a daunting task for new parents, so we asked our trusted kid advisors on the best way to baby proof a house and just generally be prepared for an infant. Great tips include: keep your baby away from fire and swords, lock your doors, and try to keep Baby out of the toilet. How do you baby proof? Where do you put your swords? Tell us! SUBSCRIBE! And Like and Share. It makes the kids happy.


Abby Georgia says:

the girl in pink with the brown hair is totally gonna become an actress
when she gets older. I wanna be an actress too…so maybe i’ll get to know
her in the future XD

thebabybook says:

Love this!

Dominik DuGay says:

You suck at giving advice

Peacefulmarshmallow says:

The kid with black hair i depressed in every vid save him

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