How to Prepare and Store Baby Food

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Close We know our baby is ready for solid foods. We know the top first foods to start baby on. Now, we want to know how to prepare and store our baby food.

Begin with organics
We want to use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Yes, they are pricey but they are worth the investment for your little baby. If you need to use conventional, be sure to avoid the dirty dozen ( and use a fruit and vegetable spray.

Simple mash
For some of our healthy baby first foods, all we need to do is peel and mash with a fork. No cooking required! This is true for our bananas, pears and avocados. Be sure to by these fruits ripe so it’s easy for baby to digest. For younger babies, add water or breast milk to your mash to thin out consistency.

Steaming your food
For other healthy baby first foods like squashes and carrots, we’ll need to steam these vegetables and then puree with blender. You can do this separately with a steam basket and immersion blender OR you can get a baby food maker that combines both of these functions like the Beaba ( Use filtered water when you steam and save the leftover water, which is loaded with vitamins and minerals, to thin out vegetable puree OR use it in a sippy cup for baby to practice hand/eye coordination. Be sure to cook your veggies long enough so they are super soft and easy to digest for baby. We’ll also want to let them veggies cool to room temperature before we feed baby.

Storing your food
Once we’ve made several baby food concoctions, we can keep them in our fridge for 1-3 days depending on the mixture. (Bananas and avocados don’t last long!) Because of this short timeline, I think the best way to store baby food is to freeze it. Use ice cube trays, little plastic baggies, or my favorite, the Beaba multiportion freezer trays to store single servings of baby food. This makes preparing a serving for baby very easy. Just pop out single portion, heat up to room temperature, and serve. By freezing, we can make bulk quantities, saving time and energy, and yet ensuring that baby gets nutritious, homemade baby food every time.

Enjoy and experiment
Once you have the basics down, enjoy experimenting with different flavor combinations and you can even add some mild spices for baby. The more varied his/her diet, the better chances he/she’ll embrace new flavors along the way. Our goal is to raise a toddler that enjoys his foods rather than turns his nose to anything new.

How about you?
What are the ways you cooked and stored your baby food? Any pointers that saved you time? Pregnant? Check out my baby registry checklist:

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Genevieve ,


aparna sangale says:

Hi,where will i get 6 pack freezer container?

Stephen Ferris says:

Is there a mail to order baby food maker? Which baby food maker is the
best: Baby Nutribullet, Beaba Baby Cook Pro, or Bella Baby Rocket Blender?

LadySwanify! NovemberRose says:

Thank You :)

nö mach ich nicht says:

The 2 ounces kind of made me laugh. My son started out eating 5 ounces and
worked his way up to 12. But he always was (and still is) a very good


very very helpfull this video for me thanks !!! going to do it ! !

RubyLovesRocket says:

I am envious of your awesome kitchen! :)

Kirsten Casado says:

it’s called thinkbaby! look it up on google!

Crystal Cooked For You says:

i’m not even a mom yet but watching your videos makes me so excited to do
all this stuff! hahaha 😀 thanks for sharing all your great tips!

Mama Natural says:

@nagiorge I would say up to 18 months would be good. After that, baby is
usually on “real” food.

kimytaf says:

@MamaNaturalBlog wow, didnt know that. thanks so much for replying!!! im
preparing myself lol. dont have any kids yet, but if i get myself sorted
now and make notes, i wont have to when the time comes :) trying to learn
as much as i can. studdied it at college but still so much new info out
there! thanks again!

iSPOOK12 says:

RANDOM: at the end that cat in the top far left is waving! 😀

khardala says:

You’re beautiful and your voice is soothing :-) I like your videos.

kimytaf says:

@MamaNaturalBlog honey, really? i know to stay away from cows milk but i
never heard about the honey. why is that?

OneSunnyDayinMarch2 says:

FANTASTIC!!! Thank you – And I look forward to the next video =)

ShaysMama23 says:

Great video! Very helpful =) Thank you!

mackinthedoo says:

This is just awesome. I cannot WAIT to start making/storing my own baby’s
food. So excited! And mixing a litle breastmilk to thin things out a bit is

robinmadams2001 says:

My child is older now, but when she was a baby I made her food and froze it
in the ice cube trays. Then I would transfer the “cubes” to a labeled
ziplock bag.

Kirsten Casado says:

you can do both, but maybe into the cup would be a lot less messier :)

Mama Natural says:

@kimytaf I would say at 10 to 12 months you can feed them whatever you eat
except for honey.

lanaseahorse says:

At 1:47 the sound of the blender is so silly! I had to replay it. It made
me laugh :)

Staycie says:

What is the dirty dozen?

ifuckednatalietran says:

you mentioned adding some breast milk. do you squeeze it directly into the
food or squeeze it into a cup and then add it to the food?

Mama Natural says:

@Staycie Google it.

OneSunnyDayinMarch2 says:

@khardala Very True. Very Well Spoken…Rejuvenating! =)

Mama Natural says:

@kimytaf Honey is a no no due to the risk of infant botulism. Essentially
honey can grow bacteria spores that a young infant’s immune system can’t
fight off. It’s rare but often fatal.

USMCBaby2011 says:

@bubblyboey its the beaba baby food tray and theyre pretty good

wasabi117ful says:

I love your channel. I recently had my son. Thanks for helprul tips!

Mama Natural says:

@kimnawaz Wow, sounds like you have a great system!

Mama Natural says:

@Greenandpinklovers1 LOL!

Greenandpinklovers1 says:

on the youtube page this came up as How to prepare and store your own baby
so i was like OH MY GOSH!!!!!!! how rude! but then i clicked on it and it
was baby FOOD and i was like phew!!!

Kim Williams says:

Great Video – thanks!!! I use a combination of the baby-food tray & zip
lock bags. I freeze the pureed veggies in the tray and when they’re frozen
I pop them all into sandwich bags & label them. I also dont like to pre-mix
the veggies, I have about 8 veggies in rotation at a time and give my
daughter 3 different cubes each time making different combinations.

siddique345 says:


nagiorge says:

I wonder if the Beaba is usefull still after the baby turns 1…for how
long do you use thatmachine?

Mama Natural says:

@ShaysMama23 Glad it was helpful!!!

LaureninPortland says:

Making baby food is so easy, ultimately cheaper then most packaged ones,
and has so little waste. It’s nice that it’s so easy in this case to make a
good choice for your baby! Do you add anything to the avocado to keep it
from turning brown? I would choose local conventional fruits and veggies
over organics that have been shipped a long way, though that isn’t always
an option this time of year.

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