How To Dress Your Newborn Baby | Mothercare Baby Advice

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How to dress your newborn baby with Liz Day, Parenting Consultant for Mothercare.

Liz takes you through how to dress your baby in a bodysuit and sleepsuit. This video also shows some of the baby clothing you might need during those first few months, including hats and mitts to keep your little one cosy.

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shannonfbc1 says:

hmmm seems to me you put the sleeper on backwards… ive always done all my
babies legs then arms mom did all my siblings that way too seems it might
be hard to get legs in otherwise

MasterVocalist Sinny says:

Omg this was too cute! I’m a first time mom and I’m almost 37 wks, although
my doctor thinks my baby boy will come before my due date, but I’m soo
nervous about doing this stuff !

Nick Randall says:

Ohhhhhhh I want to hold himmmmmm omg I’m crying from cuteness overload

Daniel R Bogota says:

Bien, pero falta la traducción al español teniendo en cuenta que los ven en

Julia Panoa says:

Naaaaw sooo cute. I dont even know how i endd up on this but couldnt help
myself seeing that hes sooo adorable hehe. I was always told whn u change a
baby, in onesies, always put the feet/legs in first.. So ur not bending
bbys legs if u start frm the arms

Ember Sixx says:

I said bless you when the baby sneezed does that make me weird 

Emily Jane leighton porter says:

soooo adorable

Kitty Cat says:


Libby Kat says:

That wee cry just made me so clucky!

pacificbeauty says:


Nissi Morales says:

Cutie cute cute

MissNetBug says:

He is so cute!

A is 4 Adoption says:

How to dress your newborn baby. Simple tasks can feel awkward in the

aurabarbiedoll93 says:

shes all MOM this is torture why cant i just be naked forever 

crisan nakamura says:

soooo adorable

jamie reggs says:

awwww he has such a cute cry

patromano4 says:

Awwwwww….what sweet little cries.

lisa-mari aggenbach says:

Awww soooo adorable 

Va Thao says:

Why do babies cry at everything you do? Like clothing them, diaper change,
bathing them…?

tnatna123 says:

Poor little baby’s like, “But I don’t wanna wear clothes!”

LovelyJess says:

Aww that little cry.. (:

redbeard74 says:

Edited the hardest part!

DJ Critter says:

his cry is so cute

Naazish Khandekar says:

i love babies

Estephany Tecaxco says:

Beautiful baby:)

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