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How to change a baby’s nappy with Liz Day, Parenting Consultant for Mothercare.

Liz Day talks through how to change a nappy and how to clean up baby in this step-by-step guide, and some of the items and toiletries you might need during changing your newborn baby.

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Karen Hamilton says:

Very informative yet you have all those products, nappy rash cream etc but
didn’t use or mention using any of them during the process do you only
apply nappy rash when needed or everytime as a protector/ barrier? When
would you use the lotion? Or choose a wipe over water? 

MrBath1985 says:

Yh im doing ok but I get peed on alot how can I protect myself ? Lol

Ashliegh Roh says:

Omg! He sneezed!! So cuteeee!

Alicia Jolivette says:

Hmmm, cotton balls to wipe?
If there’s poo then baby wipes is what I’d prefer.

Betty Blushes says:

What a cutie baby. I love the helpful videos I’m due next month and I’m
educating myself on what to do! Xx

Adel Gower says:

Love the videos watching them to help me when my nephew is born in two
months love the videos good help thanks

Phejel Hayashi says:


Monique Williams says:

He is so cute!

A is 4 Adoption says:

Changing your baby can be a wonderful experience for both mom and dad,
share the experience

Lorraine Thomas says:

thank you

A is 4 Adoption says:

Changing your baby can be a wonderful experience for both mom and dad,
share the experience

Sarah Skywalker says:

he is sooo gorgeous!!! this is helping me so much for my Childcare course!
Thankyouuu! <3

HANNAH Dale says:


natasha reynolds says:


Jason Samuels says:

thank you !

mothercare says:

Thanks for the lovely comment Annalise. We’re pleased you like the videos.
We’ll be adding more soon so please keep a look out for the new How To’s. Mx

Annalise Cowen says:

These videos are so helpful, I’m putting them together in a playlist for my
husband so he’ll have a better idea on what to do when our baby is born
next month :) thank you Mothercare!

Lynne Cirillo says:

That dang baby is sooooo dang cute

Melissa Walsh says:

Another good tip is to put a fresh nappy underneath before you take the old
one off. Have a look at our videos for when you’re out and about.

Derek Duarte says:

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