Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

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Warning: Since this video seems to have gone crazy, I figure I’ll post this notice. I’m going to read a letter my 15 year old daughter wrote. There ARE some curse words in it. None of them are incredibly bad, but they are definitely things a little kid shouldn’t hear… not to mention things MY KID shouldn’t say!
If you want to see the original Facebook thread, it’s located at:

My daughter thought it would be funny/rebellious/cool to post on her Facebook wall just how upset she was and how unfair her life here is; how we work her too hard with chores, never pay her for chores, and just in general make her life difficult.

She chose to share this with the entire world on Facebook and block her parent’s from seeing it. Well, umm… she failed. As of the end of this video, she won’t have to worry anymore about posting inappropriate things on Facebook…

Maybe a few kids can take something away from this… If you’re so disrespectful to your parents and yourself as to post this kind of thing on Facebook, you’re deserving of some tough love. Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love.

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Nicole Huang says:

Hey, this man can be a bit strict but he is a good father. Abusive? Abusive
my ass! She deserves a lot more than having to pay money. Do you know how
much it costs to raise an average child? Over half a million. “This
generation is hell”? You have an education, a house to live in, and
parents that support you. I know what it’s like to be stressed because I
have strict parents but you know what? They deserve my respect because they
raised my ass since I was born. Why don’t I send you to a second or third
world country where there’s no WiFi, YouTube, phones, computers, etc. Not
even enough water or food! Where you work 16 hours a day in the fields or
wherever just to survive. Who’s gonna pay you for walking two miles to
school, waking up at 3 in the morning, cooking for the family, feeding the
cattle, etc? NOBODY. Yeah, you’re lucky. If you’re honestly too stressed
out then have a CIVILIZED conversation with your parents. Cussing at them
over the internet isn’t a way to solve anything, you disrespectful and
whiny babies. This should have zero dislikes and I don’t know why anybody’s
commenting on the behalf of the daughter because you’re shallow if you
think she’s right. He’s “shooting the daughter because he’s shooting her
laptop” mhmmm? Yeah, if I was him I would’ve not only shot it but broken it
in half and placed it in a big gift wrapped box just for her to see. Look
here, I’m not saying she’s completely wrong but she could’ve gone about
this a totally different way. Face it, she’s gotta face her consequences.

AmvRage says:

I’m highly disappointed to see that some teenagers won’t appreciate their
parents unless they have their ways. Seeming that this generation explains
a lot about what the teenage variety is about. (And I’m not talking about
all). Once you get older and you move out of the house, you’ll clearly stop
being puzzled and realize that they’ve spent eighteen years raising you…

She better be thankful that her parents even care for her… Because, word
of advice folks, you only have one Mother and Father. I recently lost my
Mother not too long ago to cancer. And then I happened to realize that all
the years she’s shown me how to be a responsible and respectful person.
Yes, there were times where we disagreed on a lot of things, at the end of
the day, that’s the woman– no, she is one of the women that’s carried us
for nine months. She never intend on keeping me from my father because she
knew her time was coming up and she had prayed that my father and I would
share a strong relationship.

Now when it comes to the part about the lady that works off some services;
that sounds incredibly hypocritical… Unlike some of us teenagers, the
only energy we put into ourselves sometimes is selling drugs, making babies
at young ages, and trying to fit into a crowd that doesn’t even give a damn
about their own lives.

And in case you can’t hear well, he warned her months ago that if she were
to ever post something this arrogant, then payback was going to be a

Sooner or later, she’ll soon thank her parents for the home training she’s
gained while she was growing up.

Hope you all have an understanding. That is what ‘Respecting your elders’
is about. They have more experience on how to handle things in life. Some
of us don’t have that heart of life that Mr.Jordan has when he was our age.

Also, there’s something else that I want to point out: If there’s something
that she doesn’t like, then it would have been best if she tried to find
the right words to make her parents understand how she feels instead of
running into a crowd, and trying mortify her parents. I mean if I have a
problem with something that I don’t like, I just speak my mind and not try
to draw some attention.

Have an awesome day.

Abble says:

Also, good sir you are a fucking boss. Parenting level: 1000. This girl was
just, wow. Wow.

Blackestfang says:

she has pretty much the same chores I do. I do the dishes (by hand not by
machine), wipe off the counters, sweep the floors clean my room, I dust, I
do laundry, I get my dad drinks when he’s home from his trucking job (which
isn’t even that bad it takes about a minute), I help care for my baby
nephew when he is over sometimes. I don’t get paid and I don’t mind my
‘payment’ is occasionally my mom will buy me something I like as long as
it’s not super expensive. these chores will help her get in the habit of
cleaning when she’s grown and build some character. 

Snake45679 says:

I agree with this man, If I had a daughter that said things like this I’d
shoot her laptop too, me and my sister would never dare disrespect our
parents, my parents might not be very strict but I would never disrespect
them in the manner this girl did her dad, and in all honesty, she can’t
appreciate what her dad did for her, he spent all day fixing her laptop and
then posting that on facebook, damn, kids these days have no respect. it
sickens me.

TheJournalisticBrony says:

It is immature to do this. There are far better methods to dealing with
this problem than there are shooting her laptop.

It sets a bad example for kids and encourages parents to solve problems
like a toddler.

She may have posted something about you, but, what did it cost you?
Probably nothing. In fact an employer wouldn’t hire her if they saw the

But now this is going to cost the girl. This is gonna not make her like
you. You just made her hate you even more. She has probably lost all
respect for you.

I understand that the parent wasn’t happy, but you could always think of a
creative punishment and not destroy something she probably uses on a daily

abdulrazzag alrayyis says:

If I ever meet that fucking asshole who emotionally abuses his daughter
like that, I want to hurt him.

NintendoSonyPocketGamerGirlCollector123 says:

I am almost 13 and I want to rant on the typical teenagers who go out to
clubs and get drunk, text, and just….plain teenagers for this generation.
You typical teenagers hate your parents even though they took care of you
and educated you?! All that work just to have a worthless teen who can’t
even thank their parents for all the things they’ve done to he/she!! This
should be done more nowadays (not my laptop mmm mmm, I’m a good person).

Black Power says:

You know this garbage is exactly why people don’t like america. Moronic
hillbillys don’t know how to parent. This exactly why school s are shot up.
Because kids are treated like animals and not with care.(besides bullying)
The evidence is in the statistics. There is more youth crime in countries
with no bans on spanking. While countries that put bans on spanking have
less youth crime. I guess this why america is one of the most racist,
xenophobic, sexist, and dumbest country ever.

Children should be treated as individuals not animals.

Would you beat your wife or sibling because they didn’t obey your orders?
It isn’t rocket science and you don’t have to be a parent to understand.
That’s like adolf hitler saying you don’t know what feels like to be a
leader. Its bullshit and it needs to stop now.

taotaod54 says:

Alàlà, les américains, là ou un idiot de français aurait tout simplement
confisqué l’ordi de sa fille pendant 3 mois si ce n’ est plus, les
américains, eux, vont lui tirer dessus à plusieurs reprises, Fuck off j’ ai
envie de dire .

MOnkey COmpany says:

South side parents are so strict
Dunno is that a good thing or a bad thing

True Black Metal says:

I remember when this was first going around Facebook lol

zack grant says:

The guy isn’t exactly subtle but he certainly proved his point
his daughter was immature,disrespectful and ungrateful and she should’ve
been happy she has a roof over her head,food on the table and clothes on
her back too bad her dad spent the money on that laptop only so she’d end
up using it to be a Whiney bitch on the Internet all of you saying this
guys a sociopath or he’s abusive are idiots of you can’t see the fact he’s
punishing his child for what she did. 

robert kirschner says:

im 16 and i know better…my mom and dad works there butt of for me and
themselves…i would never say all of this to my parents..NEVER…i have
responsibility in the house and i do it..and i can be a procrastinator but
i get the job done in a few minutes..i do alot in the yard. I mow it, i
rake up the yard as well, and more..but out of all i love my family no
matter what

pocketfish22 says:

I hope he realizes that doing this kind of thing will eventually lead to
his daughter resenting him if he doesn’t actually sit down and talk. People
need to express an opinion every once in awhile just to let off steam and
sometimes you just write something a little more hateful than what they
actually believe. I only talk to my father about three or four times a week
( I’m 19 and still live at home with both my parents) and only long enough
for me to say a sentence and him to respond. Neither this guy or his
daughter is right IMO but if this guy’s like my dad and doesn’t pay any
attention to her unless she messes up or to make some stupid remark about
her and get’s angry when she says anything in a tone he finds disrespectful
(which everyone has a different sense of) or because he wants to say the
last word doesn’t deserve to be talked to. So what if her life is easier
than yours was, you grew up in that environment and adapted to it and now
her environment isn’t as harsh as yours. Prepare children for their life
ahead but don’t just get irritated that they complain about the chores that
no one wants to do. Your not your child, your child is not you, your brains
work and react differently to stress, your kid is over a decade younger
than you (unless you somehow got pregnant when you were 9 or 10) they don’t
give a shit about your past and what you had to it just makes them question
why you do stupid things that you hated your parents doing.

Mrs PandaHD says:

I remember a year ago when my dad made me sit down and watch this because I
called his now ex girlfriend a bitch on Facebook and it made her “sad”
HAHAHAHA… I don’t care how it made her feel.
She would beat me and talk shit about me all the time.
And I hate the fact that my dad is just now realizing, after he got out of
prison, that he should have listened to me and sided with me most of the
time instead of listening to her stupid ass. pfft…
Anyway, watching this video of this guy made me laugh..
I mean she calls herself a fucking slave xD he listed the shit she has to
do. That wasn’t even half the shit I had to do because my dad’s girlfriend
was a lazy fucking bitch.
She gets fucking princess treatment.
Get Out.
(I’m not siding with the parents and I’m not siding with the daughter) 

Heretik says:

Why is this girl talking like that of the cleaning lady ? She’s talking
like if mrs Linda was her black slave –‘

Marley Lowe says:

Your daughter doesn’t need to pay you for anything. She’s not rebellious,
she’s expressing how hard life is with school, chores and life. If that
were me, I won’t pay a penny. I’m 17 right now and i know how this
generation is going to hell so much quicker than the past. Because of
parents overwellming attitude like yourself.

DigiManiac says:

This guy is a boss, great parenting there…

Meetthekiller7 says:

I was frankly shocked by the new comments here, years after the fact.
Disappointed, too.
Sure, some complain that he overreacted or whatever, but it is entirely
within his right as a parent to ask these kinds of things. Even so, it
wasn’t like he didn’t care at all or whatever – he just mentioned that he
spent half a day and 130$ to upgrade the laptop.
The sheer disrespect too – people are actually SUPPORTING the girl?
If I ever did this with my parents, I might as well forget about living in
the house at all. My parents wouldn’t even bother with the laptop and kick
me out instead. Regardless of what you think, your parents care so much
more than you think – sure, they may be flawed, and in extremes may be
abusive – but that is hardly the norm. They will give up a lot to help you
– but that doesn’t mean that help is free, or that you can take that for

Adan Laris says:

I would kill myself if I were that poor child

James F says:

this guy is abusive and should not be allowed to be a parent

AllHaiLKINGTIsHeRe3 says:

What a dumbass, and I see that he’s now making money off of this from the
link in the description. If you’re gonna be an abusive idiot at least do it
without turning it into a scam.

Nate4Life01 says:

I respect this man

Erica Suzanne says:

it’s not called “being rebellious” it’s called “I just realized I don’t
deserve to be treated like shit”. this asshole parent doesn’t seem to get

nintendo caprisunfan says:

Parents are hypocrites. You find you daughter post shit about you on her
facebook, and you teach her a lesson by posting shit about her on your

King Tiger says:

Your daughter was clearly disrespectful and used indecent language, which
should have been dealt with, but shooting the laptop was not the answer.

lyn paige says:

You sir, are an amazing person. Best parent award, right there, right now

Madison Hobbs says:

Mr. Jordan, I’m 14 and I’m attending college as well as working. I remember
when I was at home and this video first came out- I was 9. My mom showed it
to me and we both agreed on your parenting methods. (She has the same rules
and ideology as well- kudos!) I think it’s good that you’re addressing her
disrespectful behavior and now that I’m older I would like to tell you good

felicia garcia says:

If my kids did that to me I swear to god I will explode all their
electronics including their car

dsad asddad says:

Isn’t the joke on him since he bought the laptop?

bri vantas says:

I hope someone called child servaces

juan sarabia says:

this is what should be done if every kid does something like this you sir
are a good father i respect you #respect 

Kim Jong Un says:

47,218 stupid teenage bitches disliked this

Sarah Tsimmerman says:

I hate red necks so much, I get his point but this is a terrible way to
deal with it she’s going to hate you so much and never want to talk to you
again and no wonder she turned out so bad, you were the one who raised her.

Questionier says:

you, are a asshole to your daughter for shooting it. to be honest, For an
IT man, this is apoulling

Matt Motes says:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Wow. This is youtube gold

Dreginy Let's Plays says:

Anyone who thinks this father was too harsh, what the hell is wrong with
you? The only people in your life you should never disrespect is your
parents. I think there should be more fathers like this one who are willing
to SERIOUSLY boot their kid in the ass when need be.

Phillip Nicholl says:

And people wonder why we have poor images of some americans ? This right
here is why im grateful I was raised, okay the daughters post may have been
a bit too far but the fathers reaction is way too far, my parents may have
disciplined me but not once would they dare to vandalize or destroy my
property. Another thing you think by posting this people are going to
applaud you? You sir, do not have a clue what it takes to be a parent so
she disrepected you, so she rebelled, when you make harsh lines expect
severe reactions, it is simple causation and consequence (if you don’t know
what it means look it up), each action will create a reaction, dont like
how your child behaves, look at your own parenting skills end of story.
Secondly if you paid for the laptop and software etc what an idiot
confiscating it rather than wasting your money is a much better principle.
Talk about dropping the ball.

texasrose1 says:

He is a fool. I feel sorry for his daughter.

TatianaOnegina2 says:

Even wondered why some teens turned so bad? Just look at the parents!

Freakin’ God, it was your choice to have a child, why does she have to do
all this stuff just because she lives with you, she doesn’t have freakin’

If you ever decide to have a kid consider it must take some money. Consider
a teen have problems too. Consider school can be very stressful. Maybe you
should talk to your daughter, or better even, listen to her sometime.
Instead of making of her your housekeeper just because she happened to be
born in your family. Shameful!

What you should have done:
Came to your daughter and say: “I’m here for you. Please, tell me what
bothers you. Why don’t you want do your duties? What’s bothering you? What
troubles you? I’ll listen without judging. If you ever feel too tires you
can rest.”
That’s how you parent a troubled teen – you look where the trouble comes
You don’t even destroy any of your kid’s things, you don’t ever treat them
as your property, you don’t even behave like they owe you anything because
they don’t. It was your choice to have a child.

Sungwon Kim says:

just because u call it love it doesn’t become love, for u are not perfect

Monzoon Castamere says:

Wait, professional IT, and it takes 6 hours?!?!?!

mattinator4567 says:

Hey NintendoSonyPocketGamer………….
I’m a minecrafter too. Got pe and computer. Also, I got a smartphone at age
10 and an iPad at 12 and get this. iPod touch at age 9. 

Donald Stinnett says:

I think I turned out great. Why? Because my dad always took the time out of
his day to whoop the shit out of me when I acted out.

Izy Kuhl says:

I had a little bit of respect for him until I saw the cigarette. So, sir,
shut up and quit smoking. You one day will be yellin’ at your daughter,
your going to run out of breathe and die because your lungs are going to be
crap after all the smoking. 

Zendaya _Tanya says:

Haha tommy… you think your cleaver? She can leave you whenever she
wants.. she doesn’t have to pay back the money you spent… you wasted it
haha… she rocks!!! Rock on girl! Back then you’d do work because no one
cared about your grades.. btw if i were her id make a video of how stupid
you are.. and all your bullshit… no gives a shit about chores… stop
doing nothing and get your ass to work.. lazy 

Timur Z. says:



denniedoll says:

this guy should be arrested for laptop abuse and mental child abuse to a

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