DSP’s parenting advice and prom story

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RedWingsFan920 says:

*DSP’s child gets called to the principal’s office, and gets a phone call*

“Whauuuuuuuut? I need to come down right now? I can’t right now, I’m at
work. I play video games for a living. Yes, it IS a real job, you fucking
idiot. So what my son grabbed a girl’s breasts, how is that my problem?
Whauuuut! He said he gets it from ME? Oh, that is complete fucking
bullshit, dude. I’m not coming down there, you deal with it. Slap him in
the fucking face or something, *sarcastic laughter*. Un-fucking real,

dontmindmeimjustsomerandomguy says:

“Because my parents were overprotective, they only saw me as an object.

ThePersonX says:

I hope he doesn’t have any children

javierronaldo107 says:

Why disclose this? To look sincere in front of a bunch of children and
social rejects?

Sweet Revenge says:

DSP experiences bugged teenager mechanics.

Cell Perfect says:

Looks like Phil has been a horrible person all his life… Nothing is ever
his fault!

BrOwN3yer0$eBUD says:

I guarantee his parents weren’t worrying about him getting a girl pregnant.

Xhominid, The One and Only says:

1. If your parents believed that you wasting your money at a tournament was
a bad thing, it’s because they were worried about you not knowing how to
conserve your damn money. And considering where you are now, they have a


3. How did they go doing it the wrong way? Comparing your life as a kid to
an adult is not even remotely similar because it’s pretty much there to
HAMMER IT IN that as an adult, you CAN’T spend all your time partying,
drinking and other such nonsense and you have priorities and

4. Sometimes explaining to them doesn’t always work. I’m not a parent, but
sometimes it says nothing and people will do it anyways, sometimes you may
have to be firm and put your foot down and make sure they know it.

5. Well that explains your outlook on life…

ManowarHeigou says:

I can also almost guarantee DSP hasn’t tried in any relationship before.
Its obvious Pandalee is either as horrible as he is or just a stupid bitch
who is to young to know what she wants at the moment and will realize her
mistakes when she is stranded in Seattle with a broke DSP. He probably
never tried in relationships and when they wanted to take to a more
emotional level realized what a shallow fuck up pig he is. And girls who
did notice him he probably never asked and fantasized that they should ask
him all day and probably tried to get his friends to repeatedly hit on it.

KingOblivion says:

He said this, but he also told people that his parents are fucking stupid
for not buying him a Wolverine toy,and that parents should buy their kids
whatever they want.

dontmindmeimjustsomerandomguy says:

After all the lying you do, I believe that YOU swerved in front of the guy
(maybe because you weren’t wearing your FREAKING glasses!), and the guy
never took off. If your car got totaled, then the other guy should have
taken some damage as well. There’s no way he could have driven off like
nothing happened and gotten off scot-free. The cops would have tracked the
guy down if he did. God, you’re a terrible liar!

Sousabird says:

Prom is overrated.

Granted if you wanted to, I would imagine it would suck to not go.

John Thems says:

I think DSP’s one of those guys who never really had real friends to
confide to so he has to talk about himself and his problems to his fanbase.

Yohhamgambal says:

5:36 “fuck this, if your gonna make life about you and not about me anymore
I don’t care”. Dsp in a nutshell.

ManowarHeigou says:

He picked up a chair because some dude tried to make him step away from
yelling at a girl? Now i’m all for giving a bitch the business but why the
fuck does he need to pick up a chair just to defend himself from someone
who probably wouldn’t have even thrown a punch and was breaking shit up? I
mean this probably never happened anyway like most of DSPs “FGC” career
where he lied about shit Justin said to him being the best SF2 player one
year and shit. But if it is true DSP is a full on manchild.

TheFyy6y says:

Dsp experiences bugged prom mechanics and Is forced to use a parental
control glitch 

dontmindmeimjustsomerandomguy says:

5:30 She told your blind, retarded, bat-visioned behind not to drive on the
highway! Wtf did you do it anyway?! You can’t do that kind of stuff, and
expect nothing but sympathy. This isn’t preschool. 

6:08 For once, I agree with Phil.

9:08—9:12 Did you just describe yourself?

13:33 I just imagine Phil scared and embarrassing himself while whispering
that under his breath.

Black Star says:

he says stuff like this to get sympathy from his viewers I mean why els
would he reveal this personal info that no one needs to know or asked for?
I said it once and I’ll say it again, phil is there to make phil look good.
I honestly believe this is why does this kind of stuff. 

FoldingChairSA says:

DSP experiences bugged blooming relationship mechanics.

SSJRandomMaster says:

I couldn’t take it and burst out laughing.

This is the same guy who apparently cried at EVO when someone was about to
beat him up. In high school, apparently he’d threatened someone with a
chair and the guy backed off. Maybe he was a different person 15 years ago
but still hard to imagine.

LordKamina2 says:

I would love to see joseph joestar just peg him on everything he’s about to
say; and you know that phil would get incredibly pissed with him taking all
of the wind from his sails

Joseph joestar: “your next line is… this is total nonsense!”

tony47278 says:

i actually agree with Phil on this one

Chodyna210 says:

Why the hell someone would actually write to Phil about their life
problems? Great authority to have, really…

Revolver Ocelot says:

Phil, learn to write fan letters better. That read like an essay, not a

Cyrus Jonason says:

what a f*ckin’ idiot, he complains about his parents like that, and then
goes around and acts the same way, wow bugged life mechanics huh

Chode Wrangler says:

Phil is generally a fat fucker, an asshole, and possibly the worst gamer
ever, but sometimes he speaks rationally.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, I suppose

David Adamson says:

3:27 “Again, I know I’ve never talked about this before, this is just me
being real with you guys.”

What DSP is really thinking: Let’s see, I’ve milked the hell out of my
‘back problem,’ I’ve gone and pulled the sympathy party to death, I
pretended to suddenly care about my friend’s death to make money, what else
can I suddenly pull out of my ass to make my drones think I’m a highly
personal and caring God? Cry for me fans, love me more!

Oh, and I am highly sure that you didn’t teach those evil, bully, bad guy
parents of yours. You are an ungrateful, self-centered prick who makes up
stories randomly to try to sound like a hero. Grow up.

goodvillain101 says:

What does parenting advice and prom stories have to do with Phil’s “LP
business?” Oh, that’s right, NOTHING. Phil probably wrote that (and all
those) question(s) himself to make up a story that fills up his ego about
him being cool, smart, always-right, and perfect. Seriously, nothing is
ever his fault.

drkinferno72 says:

Who asks DSP for advice?

Karma Tales of Terror says:

This guy just said he totalled his car on the highway, ended up in hospital
and the other guy just drove off from that. Why do I feel that this is just
a flat out lie? 

MsDJ619 says:

I hope you dont have kids they will suffer from your stupidity 

TheWelshCommentator says:

Does anyone else feel the more he answers the question, the more he seems
to care more about his story than the person who asked the question…I
always feel he picks certain questions so he can make specific tangents
that he wants to make and that’s why I believe he personally writes these
like; “today I feel like ranting about obesity, I know, I’ll write a
question that asks about obesity so that way I have a reason to rant about
this topic but give it a reason for it to be a video and monetise from the

Broccoli Dog says:

The prom was obviously bugged.

APerson7 says:

DSP Tries it: If I Were You show

batterez says:

Self-centered fuck.


Hahahaha i wrote this myself guys, calm down, this is just a infomercial to
try to make myself look good and stroke my 1 inch e penis. 

Pac-Mania says:

He doesn’t care if either of his parents were cheating on one another?

neontetra1000 says:

I’m worried that no one else has seen the extent dsp has gone to with his
self entitled, all about me, narcissistic manipulation. Is anyone else
seeing this guy!. Words can not express?!?!..,.. Between the wolverine toy
story, lumping himself in with Kim kardashian and giving away empty game
boxes it’s just one train wreck after another!. This guy is an amazing
creature or the biggest troll of the millennium. Could he be a character?.
Could it be a staged persona?. Is he a genius?. The mind boggles?!…

FaKe Rain says:

I can find some sympathy for him.

Steve Jones Gaming says:

The car accident seems like his fault as he swerved

VarialElmo says:

This Nigga was a rebound lol 

ToolBama33 says:

You KNOW the car accident was DSP’s fault. You know it!

Abomdosnow says:

Bugged parenting mechanics.

HMGgamers says:

During his Senior year…. he said he was going to do whatever he
wants….. thats how he injured his back.. should of listened to his
parents… what an idiot :P

Steve Jones Gaming says:

What Phil has to show for those st tournaments, nothing. He’s now 30
something, has very few friends, is dating a 20 something while having a
failing career and now is BLEEDING Money as he has to support two places at

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