Dad looks after newborn baby for the first time. Parenting & baby advice.

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Today my wife had to go into work for the day, so I have booked the day off and I am in charge of looking after our baby. The pressure is all on me, so what will i learn from my first day in sole charge of Josh?


Margaret Chase says:

It seems to me that fathers often interact with their children very
actively. I think this is an important thing. Good for you Dad.

Stephanie DePasquale says:

Omg that smile. Pulls my heart strings

Forest fields says:

Hahaha did he keep you up all night though?

TM CHL says:

3.11!!! He is so Cute… Bless

Axity Chong says:


Sofie Hansson says:

Solo Cute

maria haque says:


Stacey Bell says:

brilliant lol

Claire Volkmann says:

He’s ADORABLE!! <3

tiffany bateman says:

Begging my partner to look as this channel 3 weeks until due date of our
son and he still is blissfully unaware what to expect. Love watching these
videos of a man’s perspective 

Tom Sizesmall says:

Really loving these videos. I’m going to be a dad for the first time in 3
months and I’m shitting myself. It’s awesome to have guys documenting their
experiences on here

Umiko says:

3:12 is funny and cute.

Amy Price says:

Josh is literally the most gorgeous baby I’ve ever seen!!!! 

Anas Syazwan says:

He was sleeping with some pose hands ! Hehe ! Watching all of your video
makes me excited to have a baby and be a daddy one day !

Makayla Humphries says:

And you’re an amazing dad, some dad’s don’t care as much as you do and I
admire you for that.

Makayla Humphries says:

You have the cutest baby boy ever!

Serite Ross says:

Aww he’s already learned to smile :) you are quite a good father.

Erika Oliver says:

Cutest baby ever!!!!

89Kele says:

Awesome videos.

leticia10linda says:

lool soo cute! 3:10

tako takoo says:

i love this family ^_^ <3 <3 <3 i am mommy too and when i was pregnant, i
looked your videos :)) (sorry i’m not speak english)

Marla Rodriguez says:

Lol the ending cute

CharmingASMR says:

aaww so cute

Mary G says:

was this filmed in february? there’s a christmas tree

Farah Ismail says:

How old is Josh at this point??

Dolls.N.all says:

love this

tayyibaahmad says:

Cutest baby ever

meowbarkfan says:

your accent is delicious.

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