CanucksTV – Parenting Advice For Mason Raymond

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Judy Lan says:

can you imagine if he actually named him Raymond Raymond?

cryforthemoon says:

lol@ schneids and kassian.

Directioner4422 says:


Directioner4422 says:

luv mason

Sonia Ali says:

“They’re like hand grenades to me. I kind of just hold them there. And I
don’t wanna set it off or something like that.” LOL SCHNEIDS

cheesehead9099 says:

kassian is so dead. he has no personality

Jasmine22777 says:

haha Cory “I don’t want to set it off or something like that” xD i’m
excited for Raymond :) i’m sure he’ll be a great dad :)

Perry Duran says:

Does anyone know the name of the instrumental in the background?

SuperVancouverBC says:

or maybe this was right before he broke his back

TheSkookumchuk says:

“From my extensive experience with children…” HAS NO CHILDREN xD Cory,
Juice, and Burr are the funniest on the team.

Fullhouserocks23 says:

kassian is so unintentionally funny, it takes him forever to answer a

FusionCoreConfusion says:

He should replace John Garett when he retires.. how great would that be

VancouverCanucksRock says:

I guess you dont know what “thinking before you speak” is? I guess you
wouldn’t do that if you knew the video would be out on the internets until
the end of days…

James Champion says:

HAHAHA Kassian at 0:33 … theres a man of few words

dragonfoot21 says:

hes due in bout a month, a month and 5 weeks.

izzybizzyliz says:

haha Kassian “………no”

SuperVancouverBC says:

they shouldve asked Henrik Sedin because he has what 3 kids now?

picumbercucuckle says:

Cutest* .. stupid autospell

izzybizzyliz says:

Hahaha Kassian “……”

Evan Lew says:

“Do you have any parenting advice for Mason Raymond?” “No”

TheDynamitedream says:

I miss MayRay :((( and Schneids.

idontcare0953 says:

aww Mayray ahaha Kassian

AvgC100 says:

“……………….. No”

VancouverCanucksRock says:

“There’s no right or wrong way to raise a child”? What a fuckin idiot,

xTheGoonieGeekx says:

“I thought Raymond Raymond would be sweet!” I’m liking this idea, Burr.

burrows rs says:

Cory & Kassian…. Lol… Thumbs up :)

BillyTheKid380 says:

hahahha kassians awesome

Cory Schneider says:

Cory’s the best

Lily Li says:

Lappy must be pretty happy right now LOLOL btw for those who don’t know,
Mayray’s little boy is named Max! lol

darkblue1421 says:

that’s what i was thinking!

Leon Scott Kennedy says:

Dude I know what you mean! He can talk about the most boring subject in the
world and I can just sit there and listen to him all day

wayneg9998 says:

so 9 months ago didn’t he break his back? he got his wife pregnant while

aBadScaper says:

his wife obviously gave him sympathy sex because of his broken back

somegalfromcan says:

Anyone remember the actor Raymond Burr? He played a character called Perry
Mason. How about calling the kid Perry “Burr” Raymond – LOL!

CanucksBeiksaBurrows says:

Good luck with your son Mason :) all the best!

BieksaRaymondCanucks says:

Awww Mason is gonna make a great daddy <3

idontcare0953 says:

ikr hahaha

idontcare0953 says:


Leon Scott Kennedy says:

Yeah a whole bunch of people are saying that, and I totally agree.

FusionCoreConfusion says:

i could listen to kevin bieksa talk about anything for hours

wkozaa123 says:

His son’s name is Max… Maxim Lappierre must be cheering

Mason Taykandy says:

@Rawgin18 hey thanks for that comment here on this channel we love comments
like that! …. jackass

kirsten y says:

kass omg

picumbercucuckle says:

Juice has the cutesy chuckle ever

darkblue1421 says:

why would they ask zack if he has parenting advice hahaha

str8rippon says:

Raymond Raymond would be a sick name

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