Barbie and Ricky Prepare For the Baby

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This video is not meant to be offensive in any way.
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XxPuppy Lover StuffxX says:

You should do a second one and be a boy so ricky can get exited and
barbarella wont have no one to play with and ricky can teach him football
and you can have both genders and you can also age up barbrella if you want
and plz do more vids because last onne was made in febury and want you to
uplod anotherr one and you should call it Barbie And Ricky Prepere For
Another Baby

juanita Gamez says:

Never. Mind I Like or should i.say love. It

Kierney Allen says:

So dramatic I love you guys more videos pls

JasonEagle2 says:

What the heck are these vids girl 

Briana Renteria says:

I wonder how did she get pregnant?

Damien Maxwell says:

That stupid even you have sitting for 2 days a. Doesn’t count for a parent
not at all that stupid

juanita Gamez says:

Can’t. YOU.. make. This

hannah Nicholson says:

Ha ha ha that was funny when Ricky said dr bob

Bettsy Brea says:

How is barbie pergent 

ButtonPie says:

1:01– “Oh hi doctor….Bob” lol

naomi lemon says:

the doctor bob just called lol

Nathalia Ayivor says:

Can you do a barbie and Ricky Christmas I am a barbie lover

Candylover 75200 says:

Pls another vid

alexis acosta says:

I thought the baby was a boy you know im genesis i hoped it was a boy maybe
it was a trick

Ramirez Juan says:

Did you guys noticed that every time Barbie says Ricky come save,me says
double uhhhh

Lovecutiekxx says:

I love Barbie and Ricky

Eva Pineda says:

I have a baby lego but I have barbie

Bettsy Brea says:

Love barbie

Marie Barajas says:

Make more videos

jennifer emmanuel says:

que molesta es barbie asta enbarazada

Наталия Борко says:

секс надя яктизвать секс

totie thompson says:

Barbie I’ve babysat like twice lol nice u guys good job

Michaela lol says:

i wanna see a baby? lady sad thets

Michael Saucedo says:

Hey people you makes barbie and ricky I wounder if you can make barbie and
ricky easter or chirstmas or thanks giving

Candylover 75200 says:

Pls another vid

Paola Guevara says:

Watch my video:×

Doll Gaming Ice Cream says:

It funny how u were like “Hi Dr……..Bob

Avelina Andre says:

Poor Ricki Barbie talk’s alot

Dwarfhammies553 says:

Well when u play barbies u can pretend anything @jennamorrison

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