24 Hours with a newborn baby

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Our baby Joshua is 2 weeks old and this video shows what a typical day is like with him. Watch more adventures with Josh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBFPrvMuJSM&list=PLdRAxBLylASvzYYteRWX0p64FJbfBOG-h&index=3
The sort of things that you have to do – take care of baby crying, feed baby, change nappy, and let baby sleep, as well as trying to get some sleep yourselves!

Watch the sequel 2 1/2 years later called 24 Hours with 2 Toddlers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKglBzikP1k

Please visit http://www.howtobeadad.co.uk for more or view my other channel Toddler Fun Learning http://www.youtube.com/user/Toddlerfunlearning?feature=watch


Allan Stott says:

Your boy is awesome mate. I’ve got four lads and am eagerly awaiting our
first little princess this December.

Watching this brought back loads of forgotten memories. The skinny legs,
that newborn cry etc.

He sleeps well I see.

Stephanie Bello says:

Babies/newborns are so beautiful and pure from this planet.

NintendoSonyPocketGamerGirlCollector123 says:

Looks like a lot of work but it’s worth to spend some time with a
newborn/baby! :) I’m learning at an early age what birth feels and looks
like and how to take care of a newborn/baby. It’ll help me get started and
when I have a baby (when I’m like in my 20s or 30s), I’ll do these things
to take care of my future baby. I’m 11 but…who cares!! XDD

EnlightenMMC says:

I’m a beast in basketball. I’ve got a drop dead gorgeous girlfriend. I
destroyed my biochemistry degree. I work for a decent company and I’m on
the way up with decent pay. I felt that I achieved just about all important
goals I set myself.
We moved to new apartment, got a huge TV (on loan I must state) and relaxed.
My girl came back from holiday and… THREE pregnancy tests later my world
turned upside down.
BUT… second scan in and I saw my little man on the display… my heart
turned to jelly!
My girl has become this huge “egg” I literally do anything and everything
I’ve never felt so much joy in my life and he is not even born yet. 3
months to go.
I can’t wait to be a dad… that will be the ULTIMATE achievement and I
doubt anything will top it.

Chloe Sideglance says:

I have a daughter who will be born within the next month and I am scared
shitless! I am probably going to be the worst dad ever.

Shirley Primpuna says:

this is a very sweet video, my favorite part is 1:10, he’s just so cute.. i
watch this video almost everyday to imagine how me and my husband’s life
will be when our baby girl born in January.. :)

20PINKluvr says:

Did josh lose his newborn head of hair? I read that babies lose it after a
few months and then grow their permanent hair

Raquel Rene' says:

awwww he’s a cutie 1:11 I feel in love!!! Can we get an update?! He’ll be
four this year!!!

Alexander Holmes says:

I can’t complain and say the frequent feedings, diaper changes, and
incessant crying really bother me, because they really don’t. We take him
everywhere we go, and I love having him there with us :-) My boy is 2
months old today… He smiles back at us, holds his head up, tries to laugh
when we tickle him… I enjoy being a dad every day of my life.

Thanu V says:

Beautiful Parenting :)

joy garcia says:

Awwww………….thank you for sharing your video. I smiled the whole time
watching it. Brings back memories when we had our first child. Now we are
expecting out third one! I’m sure you know now that it gets better as time
goes by. Great job mommy and daddy!

crystal jackson says:

that baby’s hair…. omg it’s beautiful! 

Alex Albrecht says:

I live in Virginia. I’m getting ready to be a dad for the first time in
about two weeks. Thank you for sharing what a day was like for you with a
new born. 

liloboy911808 says:

omg your baby is such a beauty! I remember when my daughter was that
small.Only thing tho your baby has more hair then mind did lol. But still
your little boy is such a cutie. God bless him

Shona McCarthy says:

Okay, so having a baby *doesn’t* completely destroy and ruin your life…
Good to know. I was sort of expecting 20 feeds and changes a day or
something. 8-9 a day seems tough but doable, especially if you have more
than one person involved. 

prity arya says:

So lovely…so cute baby

Jackie MacGuire says:

My god, that is one magnificent barnet that baby’s rocking!

dimaiya knighton says:

My baby brother had such a soft cry and he was quiet but not any more he is
a baby talker at three months

Atzy Ruelas says:

Put mitones, no scratch his face

Xiomara Landaverde says:

wow. amazing video. thats my routine lol

chelsea stacey says:

lol this makes me want to never have any kids

Leighton Xia says:

Who hates their mum reply if you do 

Zafar Hasanov says:

There are lots of positions in this vide which wrong for the new born baby
to hold. Parents should be educated about how to treat newly born. 

ladydisurfer says:

I have a seven month old baby and I’ve been doing all of that alone with no
help… Your wife is lucky! 

Lanenarosada99 says:

OMG……. He is one of the CUTEST babies ever!!!!❤️

FlyingMonkies325 says:

That is one hungry hungry baby lol aww…. i love liddle babies :) just i
don’t think i ever want kids of my own because when they get to like 5 and
they are more or less fully walking and talking i will just want to send
them back, they aren’t cute cuddly babies no more :( stay babies! :'(.

kiikasi says:

I have a two week old and my wife and I have a system: I stay up all night
and sleep during the day, and she sleeps all night and is up all day, so we
can both handle the bulk of the duties on our shifts. I find that our sleep
is minimally disturbed and we never feel that tired.

R2D2 says:

Very informative for us expectant dads. Nice to visually see what it’s
going to be like. Looks tiring but not too bad…except for the crying. Did
you somehow manage to go to a job during these 24 hours or was this during
the weekend or before you went back to work?

shaila martin says:

Cute baby! I’m 12 weeks 5 days and trying to learn all I can as this would
be my first child. great video! 

Eric West says:

This video alone is all I need to know that I will never have children.

Willow Tree says:

Oh my gosh so so precious 

Peter G says:

i loved this video so much and Joshua was good with his lil born sis Poppy
i wish when i get married to have 2 lil sweet angel kids like Josh and Pop

joy garcia says:

By the way, your baby is soooooooooooo cute!

carla caep says:

cuando veo esto doy gracias al cielo que mis hijas ya son grandes jajaja

Stacy McMillan says:

beautiful baby! makes me want to do it again…meaning experience a newborn

kleo koup says:

I am pregnant! 3 months… You are really a lovely family!!! You make me
feel so calm and you give me hope that everything will proceed smoothly
when my own moment comes too… To be a mother!!! GOD bless you and protect
Peace from GREECE…

sarah9847 says:

Such a precious gift he is! I’m pregnant with #3 now and I can’t wait to
see my guy!!

Salaama3alaikum says:

I am just watching this video now.i notice its 4 years ago i feel like i
know him already and am curious to know how he is doing. Its nice to get
preview of what to expect .thanks for sharing this with us.

Rasheed Khan says:

Pure horror. At least for me. Glad that there are people who like it

msnnbc says:

The best condom advertisement I’ve ever seen.

shaila otey says:

there is no such thing as 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 o clock once its 12 it
goes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 and all over again

Stephanie DePasquale says:

Omg hes so adorible

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