Preparing for the diaper change and getting started
Watch more How to Make Your Own Baby Food videos: Learn about the 10 best foods for babies from Petit Organics founder Michelle Muller-Marinis in this Howcast video.
↓ LINKS AND INFO BELOW! ↓ F A C E B O O K — I N S T A G R A M — T W I T T E R — [More]
hi guys,not feeling great this week,my sickness has all come back and its hard to keep anything down baby is great hes a real mover.had to go to hospital because i cldnt stop being sick [More]
Babymoov Green Food Processor Nutribaby Zen for Newborn Click here to buy : Product Feature * Cooking Capacity: 1500 ml * Blending Capacity: 600 ml * LCD screen to easily manage * Chopping button [More]
Raks Bedeya at Ostra Cosa, Old San Juan.
New video funny 2014 Thanks for watching, rating the video and leaving a comment is always appreciated! Please share on facebook and twitter Subscribe! Click here for watch more funny videos: Funny animals [More]
what is ultrasound Ultrasound scans How do they work? Ultrasound (Sonography) Ultrasound is a type of oscillating sound pressure wave that has a higher frequency than human hearing is able to detect. Ultrasound is not [More]
Embarazo cansada barriga enorme. Huge belly. Big tummy. Twins pregnancy pregnant
Oh people this week, I think I am delirious! Ha! Seriously. I added bloopers to the end because I was a mess. I talk about my symptoms and funny things that happen in pregnancy. The [More]
My baby boy this week (2/5/12) listening to music with mama Can’t wait till he gets here, would like it to be soon!! Due date is Feb. 19, 2012!! Get back to being FINE! You don’t have to walk around with the “baby bulge”!
Another pregnancy music video brought to you by thechipmunck ! pregnant belly women beautiful 2014 Part 11
Changing a nappy can be a daunting task to many. Watch as Jess and Jasper show you how to successfully change a baby’s nappy, with their simple step by step guide. How best to wipe [More]
Find out more here: Midwife Tracey Owen demonstrates some of the best ways to hold your newborn. For more advice visit
PLEASE READ turn on “CC” for the sub Cr as taged Reup by mykiikikyu Cut by me Trans – TheKorean
This video demonstrates how to use the Manduca Baby Carrier to carry a baby in the front carry position with cross straps. The video covers the steps to put in and take out a baby [More]
Gained 1.5 pounds, hungry all the time. Bump is rock solid and very very painful! I’m ready to have this baby now. Counting down the days!
YouTube rejected the length of my video, check out part one at – Thank you to umrvballgirl for showing the Munchkin Damp Good Bag and Munchkin Arm & Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser in your [More]
This is a preview to Mint Medical Education online Introduction to OB Gyn Ultrasound course. See Julie Gaston BS, RDMS, RVT review an introduction to transvaginal scanning . For more information visit
View my pregnancy photos on my blog: My son was born at 36 Weeks 5 Days, on Nov. 20th 2016 Belly Bump Shots and Sonogram 妊娠中のお腹が大きくなる様子とエコー写真 Sazukari Art Belly Painting by Maeda Kazumi 授かりアート [More]
Jimmy Kimmel gets serious parenting advice from 7 year old Vere.
KAte taking her first steps and crumbling many times
Hey Babez! So I just had baby Lea 2 days ago. I wanted to give you guys a quick update and also to let you know I will be starting my 6 week challenge and [More]
When you have kids, you get a lot of unsolicited tips on how to raise them. But according to the hilarious ladies of I MOM SO HARD, any advice is bad advice. Kristin and Jen [More]
Normal Delivery Tips. Pregnancy is one of the most joyful experiences for a woman and it is the desire of every expecting mother to have a normal delivery. A few normal delivery tips must be [More]
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