Little grace having abit of a party in my tummy. She is now 7 months old! Time flies when your having fun! Enjoy.
5 weeks 4 days pregnant YAY!!!!. Sorry so late. feeling really tired lately.
A video showing how to get baby in a back carry position in a Tula. Make sure baby is ready for this position before wearing.
For the detailed printable text version of this recipe visit To know how to prepare porridge with this health mix powder visit For more recipes visit
100% Natural homemade Kiwi, Asparagus, and Banana Purée 7 to 8 Months
my baby moving inside my belly at 14 weeks
Lisa kicking from inside then she turns over. It is like something from the alien films!!!
We meet the squirrel again + we reminisce on my pregnancy **DAY 175, June 10, 2014** Blog post- “Sesame Street Birthday!” — ______________________________________________________ Subscribe to my channel: Subscribe to my other channel: [More]
LINK TO OUR PATREON PAGE (aka private community with exclusive offers & the magic to support this channel) AUTHOR OF THE AMAZON BESTSELLER, “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan”. On sale wherever books are sold. Read an [More]
21 weeks Pregnant after Tummy Tuck UPDATE T W I T T E R : @prissajeanmua F A C E B O O K :…… I N S T A G R A M [More]
There are questions about the new 3D4D ultrasound for expectant moms. They can give you great pictures of your unborn baby, but who should get them? How often and who should perform them. Get the [More]
Follow the magical development of a pregnancy week by week. Pregnancy photos on a time line showing the expanding belly from beginning to end.
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Delivery of the placenta is the last stage of labor, and the placenta is the organ that sustains the baby’s life inside the uterus, or womb. Learn about patient delivery of the placenta with help [More] During pregnancy you are quite simply the very source of all that your baby needs to grow, to develop, and to flourish. You are your baby’s cocoon of nutritional wellbeing and so doing your [More]
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Наша малышка собственной персоной…:) 3d/4d УЗИ в 21 неделю… продолжение “3d/4d УЗИ в 28 недель” / (Our little baby girl in the tummy hugs mom 3d/4d Ultrasound scan baby 21 Weeks… sequel “3D/4D [More]
Special thanks to our sonographer Lance Dursi at We had no idea we were having twins prior to this scan. Surprise! Be sure to listen to the audio to hear our reactions!
Think your baby is cute enough to win $2500 dollars? Well enter them into the Great American Photo Contest Also subscribe to my Videos!
A labor and delivery nurse demonstrates how to wash and clean a newborn baby. This video includes washing the hair and body and swaddling aka making a “baby burrito”. Here’s our new daughter Lilah! I [More]
Lullabies for babies in a massive 8 hour loop. Lullaby Music for Babies to go to sleep. www ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Download the Lullaby World application for Android phones and [More]
OPEN!! Just a little background on me and my husband meeting and becoming soon to be teen parents. Thanks for watching and have a good day guyz! Facebook Page: INSTAGRAM: PaolaPolkadot FORMSPRING: PaolaPolkadot KEEK: [More]
More Funny Baby Videos Subscribe on Channel BabyVidoes Baby, br Babies, br Baby laughing, br Baby songs, br Baby acciedents, br Baby accidents funny, br Baby. The title says it all. This is my hilarious [More]
The Try Guys walk a mile with pregnant women’s bellies. The first in a special five-part series exploring motherhood. Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo! FEATURING The Try Guys – Ned Fulmer [More]
In this video I show you how to tie the Boba brand baby carrier wrap to carry your infant. I also give a review of the product and it’s features. I chose the Boba wrap [More]
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