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Joaquin cooking healthy food for your baby
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Dia Cantik…. Dia Kuat… Dia punya Cerita Camera Person : Heri
Sorry guys, I forgot to show you my belly in my last video~!! So here is my 1 Month Postpartum Belly and Stretch Marks If you want to hear my 1 month update go here: [More]
4D Ultrasound Baby Scan 30 Weeks with BabyBond in Kettering, these 4D Ultrasound scans are amazing! This is by far the best way to see the baby moving in the womb. Please like and subscribe [More]
This is a VLOG about my 32 weeks pregnancy, 8 Months Pregnancy, and belly shot. It’s a Boy Subscribe to my channel for updates on my vegetarian pregnancy journey! Baby Registry: Babies R’ Us McPhaul, [More]
Heel Slides – A Safe and effective exercises for new mums. A lot of new mums ask me what abdominal exercises are safe to do after having babies. Heel slides are a great starting point [More] How to Defy the Baby-Weight Myth and Look Even Better After Your Pregnancy with this All-New Fitness and Nutrition Breakthrough…. – created at
This is obviously a random upload, seeing as K is now a year old, but I came across it amongst all the vids on my BB, and it’s the only vid I have capturing her [More]
Our daughter kicking my belly as we watch trailers for games. First kick is at 00:15 she kicks about 4-5 times to the left
My experience as a young mom and how to prevent unplanned pregoness
I wanted to share with you all some of my work I have done recently and ealier this year!! I hope you enjoy!!! Be blessed, Rhonda
Subscribe Now: Watch More: When you carry a child it’s important that they feel safe and secure in your arms. Learn how to carry a child with help from an experienced parenting professional [More]
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Save some coin while making your newborn baby organic baby food. More details on
Saudi Arabia’s allies have joined the country’s ‘Decisive Storm’ bombing operation in Yemen. The operation is aimed at Houthi rebels who have taken over Yemen, bringing the Middle Eastern country to the brink of civil [More]
My daughter’s pregnant belly button looked too much like a nose, just couldn’t resist. Great times. Funny and adorable!
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Some big kicks around 00:20, 00:40, 00:58. This baby is so much fun to watch Wonder what those are – elbows? arms? legs? knees? :))))
This tutorial will show you how to carry your baby on your back using our new Baboola baby carrier. The Baboola is an innovative but simple carrier allowing you to do the traditional back carry [More]
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