Top 10 Funny Baby Vedio ever. u Can’t Stop laughing[HD]

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md nasir khondaker says:

4:37 funny

Marvin Lubasah says:

5:37 is funny hahaha

dimitar bocev says:

omg the baby said fuck instead of frog

Holly Ironside says:

There not funny! :-( 

FartingNinja6 says:

The last one ” Ow Charlie bit me almost made me laugh, but I didn’t! B^D

funny dumb vids says:

The baby said fm

Bell Johnson says:

At 1:43that baby it her head hard

funny dumb vids says:

Baby say fk 

German Policarpo says:

So. Funny

sheikh Amer says:

ha ha ha

Ritu Patel says:


Enrique Garcia says:
Sofia Tsouvala says:
ABABAB823 says:


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