The Serious Baby (Funny)

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SonicKnuckles1998 says:

This baby is going to grow up to be a comedian!

Stella Turcica says:

The parents’ laughter makes me smile so much, I hope they’re always this

Etheo Etheobyetheo says:

I am keep waiting he eat that ice cream

Shipra Singh says:


maria sahli says:

Blue ivy

Christian Jiang says:

He’s very cute!

LowerTheBoom1 says:

ONe probleme is that is a black.

kevin anderson says:


krystalghettobooty Jordan says:

Omg lol

hiwot asfaw says:

I love this kid 

IMR TP says:

Give the evil look,, haha oO hahahahahahahahahahaha

Jay Moore says:

Lol awwwwww

Justin Wantou says:

Another one of the funniest, cutest babies on the internet!

Abdawgggg says:

too cute

lucy marvelli says:

this is so cute awwwwwwwwwwwww

Wario Højgaard Thomsen says:

pretty baby i want to eat #anotherdayattheoffice 

OtterPops123 says:

That Baby is now a kid

jada curtis says:

She look like my cuz ravionna 

Padou Futh says:

lol! this baby is so funny

Discjockey Josh says:

No ”isn’t no cute”. You must be a special kind of stupid xD

sina b says:

looks like blue ivy carter :D

tyrek perkins says:

LOL evil eye

Marta Veszelka says:


Marija Lerotić says:

they were acording this on my 7th birthday! ahah

Sazan Arkawazi says:

U r the sweetest thing I have ever seen

Justin Lee says:

this baby is so funny

Lexi LPS says:

Thats so funny !

Cleo George says:

love you!!!!

LiTtLe fAra says:

criusssly soooo funny….

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