Quadruplet Babies Laughing

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kobi ashkenazi says:

The best video I’ve ever seen !! they are so cute !!!
I want to have babies like this !!!!!!!!

sensorium3 says:

OMG!! This babies laugh syntonized, they laugh at the exact same time, not
even a trillont of second apart!! THIS IS EXACTLY BECAUSE OF QUANTUM

Gina Gogo says:

This is so adorable and funny…..

elcid agustin says:

they could suck their mom dry.

Salma Sabir says:

Hhhhhhhh omg so funny

80s Video Games says:

Dude, fuck the anti-white losers that downrated this.

Lila Mejia says:

Awwwwwwwww they laugh at the same time= ) they all look like twins

Patrick clemmensen says:

Soo cuuuutttteee

Baby Boo says:

So precious! 4 times the fun :) 

Ratree Khunbandit says:
Dylan Dewall says:

I bet that drives her nuts sometimes

Patricia Guillen says:

At 0:49 Lol it sounds like an evil laugh with all four babies

Cosmic Tino says:


Laura Kranich says:

I still can’t get enough of this, they are so cute!

madlib says:

is this the new silent hill monster?

ilona Peterson says:

Things were ‘heavy’ today… time to make you SMILE BIG !!!!!

1507Lachlan says:

Cute in surround sound

Harles74 says:

There are a plenty of idiots that dont like this video. Fucking sad

Gobind Mandal says:

really nice baby 

Αγγελικη Σταυρινου says:
Chrysanthema Blumenreich says:

Now imagine a different mood …

Seval Ozergin says:

Gün içinde bir kaç kez izlenmeli. İlaç niyetine…;-))

Karenn butterflyy says:

Sooo cute..take my hat off to that mother..having 4 babies to look
after..awk well done..ur vid made me smile..ur babies are well cute..love

Moraa Fe says:

4 Blessings at one go! Just how rich can one get?

Gunrunner92FS says:

That is one awesome family.:)

Mahsa Hmt says:

vay khodaaaa.ina ro

Rich Camel says:

baby sucking thump is gonna be a politician 

Dani Vello says:

I dare you…to watch this video and NOT laugh. (I did have one person say
it was creepy…I find it hilarious.) Quadruplet Babies Laughing

xXcangjieXx says:

why u dislike?

Duane Hallgren says:

how do they tell which is which? numbers behind the ear i bet.

www.winfriends.ch says:

Wenn das keine “Happy Family” ist… die sind doch süss die vier!
Wir wünsche allen einen glücklichen Family-Day … enjoy it!

Д-р Симеонка Цацова, педиатър says:

Бебета четиризнаци се смеят задружно

Alex A says:

😀 4 babeis !!!!!!!!!!!! 

Britney Lyons says:

Quadruplet Babies Laughing: http://youtu.be/CQo2FJPLeQk

Katalin Dudas says:

Things were ‘heavy’ today… time to make you SMILE BIG !!!!!

fateme rezapur says:

Babies are Angels.

Billy Leake says:

502 people have no soul.

roxymaxie says:

Soo cute!!:)

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