Newborn Photography! Baby Pees On Mom! (Episode 198)

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During Lucas’s newborn photography shoot things didn’t really go “as planned”. We had to try different tactics during the shoot to get decent pictures because Olivia was running around and Lucas was not the happiest baby at the time. And it all ended on a high note when Lucas took after his sister with a big old surprise for Erica. Enjoy!

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Jonathan Daniels says:

omg thats so usual

Devin And Erica says:

Thank you. =)

Lulu says:

Aww! He’s so cute! My mom gave birth to my baby brother today (: 15 years
apart lol

Kimberly G says:

Omg so cute I could scream! Lol how r things with Erica’s health and such
now that Lucas is here and things in general? Feel super nosy asking for an
update on you guys right now lol gentle hugs. Love, Kim.

Pretty Person says:

OMG i think im in lala land swear that i just seen a week ago that you
announced you were pregnant and here he is wow wow wow

rdidri says:

The baby is definitely well-documented!

MommaBallard says:

Im pretty sure as parents they already know this…It was just a shock. And
If im remembering correctly in O’s newborn pictures she peed as well

misaki covington says:

super cute pics and i laughed so hard when he peed on ur wife…lol

aemt444 says:

so good to see a vlog from you guys

Rachael Henley says:

I think it’s safe to say he likes to be naked (at least that day lol)

SweetandChic BabyBoutique says:

A recommendation from one Newborn Photographer to another, tell the parent
beforehand that their baby WILL pee on them, that way they are not
surprised and it is less dangerous. As you see in this video, EVERYONE’s
first reaction is to move the baby away from them and their clothing etc
but the baby will flail and could be dropped. If you tell them it will
happen, they can be prepared. Let them know to stay calm and don’t panic!
:) Take care, funny video..

MsChopperdog says:

LOL, looked like Olivia was more intrested in the back drop (tent fun to

summr904 says:

LOL@poor Erica getting peed on. Adorable pics!

MyPinkRainbow says:

what a sweet little family you all are … go steelers !!!!

Devin And Erica says:

Yeah, we probably should have used one of those. lol

Jaden Todd says:

Nice I’m a steelers fan toooo from Pittsburgh

onemidnightgone says:

Olivia is always so cute when she says, “What happened?” And of course,
“Ew, pee! That’s gross!” was cute, too.

Holly Brown says:

Olivia: What happened? Erica: Lucas peed on Mommy! Olivia: Ewww On Mommy?!
Beautiful family! :L

Lejo Jose says:

wow lucas! but i couldnt get to see as much of olivia as much as i wanted

Cathy Stone says:

This made me cry Your family is so beautiful Your so blessed

0saSasu0 says:

Good luck to your Family. Greetings from Germany 😉

sagsag06 says:


MyPinkRainbow says:

i do new born photos and have what i call my pee pee tee pee , which I
created and made my self o protect momma ‘s and daddy’s

lstosh55 says:

Yes, I did here you. By the way, I really don’t think that you should
expose Lucas to anything having to do with the Puttsburg Steelers. If you
noticed, he was all happy and smiling when he was on the Detroit Lions
blanket, but when you put him on the Steelers blanket he got sad and
cranky, and looked like he had gas.

bintlooda says:


lynndw4771 says:

So cute & precious! And I don’t mean the ‘ peeing part, Erica..bless your Ya’ll’s family is beautiful!

livingwithbipolar says:

Go Lucas! Carrying on the family legacy :)

Ayah612 says:

6:32. ;D

Devin And Erica says:

@rdidri Yeah, I’ll be sure and play this at his wedding. :)

Jaci Scott says:

has to happy to every mommy sometime :) Lucas and Oliva are so cute :) He
looks so much like daddy! :)

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