Most Hilarious Videos Of Cats 2014 – Best Funny Kitten Compilation

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anacalderon1 says:


ThatToastedToast says:


Emma Mie says:

I will be having a kitten soon .. Shes black and white .. What should i
call her? 

Eric Duncan says:

I particularly needed no3 for the “oooh that shits kicking in” look today.

Nicole Ward says:

I’ve just received a Male Black Tabby kitten. What should I call him?

Laércio Marques says:

Please, anyone knows the music name? I’m searching to buy it but I can’t
find its name.

J Pierce says:

Funny Cat Videos
Most Hilarious Videos Of Cats 2014 – Best Funny Kitten Compilation

Phaik Koon says:

Most Hilarious Videos Of Cats 2014 – Best Funny K…:

Victoria Chavez says:

I’m getting a female grey tabby kitten, what should I name him

JKT Gaming says:

WTF 4k dislikes who hates kittens?!??!!!!

Sir Rutherford Master of All Things Trigonometric says:

Like this if you are really scared and came for comfort

MicheleElys Mer says:

For all Cat lovers 2014 funny videos

Lokim23 says:

September 18th… seemingly found myself in another cat video today
diary… can’t find way off internet or off cat videos.. I hope the cat nip
trails I left behind will one day bring help. 

Nur Fitri says:

comel je sangat 2comel I LOVE YOU CAT memang banyak kerana betul lah cat tu
kalau lah tu kucing saya saya cubit pipi dia


El que se a metido en la tinaja lo va a tener muy dificil JAJAJA

FinSkater17 says:

The editing on this video is horrible! 1/10 just because of the cats

south6bt says:

If you want to win the internet, Kittens!!!!

Norris Khalil says:

8:29 There is no way in HELL that’s real lol

iracema silva says:

Só diversão com uns bichinhos lindos e adoráveis! Kkkkkkkkkkk…

Linda Gashi says:

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhh wie Süß

Johnny Phoenix says:

Aaaaaand, I’m supposed to be studying right now.

Micro Image says:

Best viewed with music off!

Miranda Bourque says:

CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0MD <– Oh my dog

PetiteCake says:

someone one needs to put that mario question mark box on top of that
jumping cats head

DUBOIS maialen says:


Barbara Silva says:

Quanta fofura, sou apaixonada por Gatos, e esses daí são lindos. Xonei.

nichole B says:

The kitten holding the teddy bear is the cutest. :D

Robert Florence says:
Alies Schellingerhout says:

OMG these cats make you melt sooooooooo cute best cat blooper video ever

marco di loreto says:

5:51 the cat and its reflection in the mirrion do different things !!!! wtf

Scott125670 says:

1 minute in and I already wanna just go maul my cats <3

Katie Fernie says:

I have 2 kittens called ant and Dec

Tmonet Stevenson says:

The second one was so cute OMG he actually hugged da bear!!

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